18/2 Female Slide On Vampire Plug, SPT-2, White, Breakaway Tab - Case of 1000

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Create your own extension cord with our 18/2 Female Slide on Vampire Plug that is simple to use. This specially crafted slip on plug is designed with teeth that will pierce the wire and hold the plug in place to allow you to use it as an extension cord. Add one or more plugs to a wire in order to... Read more

18/2 Female Slide on Vampire Plug, White - Case of 1000

Female Slide On Vampire Plug

  • • SPT-2
  • • Polarized
  • • The two teeth in the plug pierce the wire's insulation.
  • • Simply slide on the cover and the teeth make contact with the wire.
  • • Customize extension cords to meet your needs by placing several inline female Vampire Plugs on your cord.
  • • 10 amp capacity
  • • This item is sold in cases of 1000 plugs.