18/2 Male Slide On Vampire Plug, SPT-1, White - Bag of 5

Decorate like a professional with our 18/2 Male Slide on Vampire Plug! Create your own power cord by sliding this plug onto the end of a cable. Then, the specially designed teeth will pierce the wire's insulation. With those two easy steps, you will instantly have a power cord that will enable you to have more efficiency when decorating to keep you from having to look for power at the beginning of each and every light string. So stop worrying about wire length and power cords, and create your own this season with our male slide on vampire plug that can make light installation much quicker and easier.

  • • 18/2 White Male Slide on Vampire Plug
  • • SPT-1
  • • Polarized plug for maximum safety
  • • 10 amp capacity
  • • Perfect for creating your own power cords to ensure that you are
      able to install your lights in the most professional way possible
  • • This item comes in a bag of 5 plugs.

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18/2 Male Slide on Vampire Plug, White - Bag of 5

Male Slide On Vampire Plug

  • • SPT-1
  • • Polarized
  • • The two teeth in the plug pierce the wire's insulation.
  • • Simply slide on the cover and the teeth make contact with the wire.
  • • Allows you to make your own power cords.
  • • Slip it at the end of a cable.
  • • 10 amp capacity
  • • This item comes in a bag of 5 plugs.