3D Horses with Carriage

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Bring a touch of fairy tale magic to your holiday decor with our enchanting 3D Horses with Carriage display. Crafted with attention to detail and quality, this stunning decoration creates a whimsical and festive atmosphere in any setting. Perfect for adding a dash of elegance and wonder to your... Read more

3D Horses with Carriage

Material: LED Rope light and Mini lights

Frame: Gold Painted Aluminum Frame

LED Effect: Steady and Flash

Number of LEDs: 2340

Total Length of Ropelight: 230'

Carriage Height:  10.8'

Carriage Width: 8.5'

Carriage Length: 15'

Horse Height: 6.5'

Horse Width: 2'

Horse Length: 8.7'

Total Length: Approximately 24'

Weight Limit: Approximately 1200lbs

Voltage: 120V AC and 60HZ/24V DC

Total Wattage: 191W