8.2' 3D Valentines Day Heart

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Embrace elegance and love with our exquisite 3D Valentine's Day Heart. Its captivating geometric shape adds a touch of sophistication to your Valentine's Day decor, making it a stunning centerpiece that symbolizes the timeless bond of affection and connection.

8.2' Valentines Day Heart

Overall Height: 8.2'
Overall Width: 7.7'
Overall Base Depth: 1.3'
Material:  LED string light, LED rope light
Frame: Aluminum
Lighting: Combination of Commercial Grade LED Mini Lights and LED Rope Light
Stringer Lighting: Transparent PVC cable, bullet cap with glue injection, IP65, outdoor rated
Construction Type: Aluminum, powder coated frame designed for demanding outdoor applications
Power Cord: 4.9' UL Rated Power Cord
Voltage: 120V
Some assembly required

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