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C9 SMD LED Retrofit Bulbs - Frosted Smooth - Yellow - Pro Christmas™ - Bag of 25

The Yellow Frosted Smooth C9 SMD LED Retrofit Bulb offers you a brilliant pop of color that will make the most of your Christmas display or any other decorating that you do throughout the year. Whether you are making a holiday more special or you are decorating for a birthday party or another occasion during the year, these LED retrofit bulbs allow you to customize your own light set with an existing light cord or with one of our empty socket lines available separately. Don’t just relegate your light usage to the holiday months. Take advantage of their color and shine any month of the year, whether you use them inside or outside.

  • • C9 SMD LED Bulb in Frosted Smooth Yellow
  • • LEDs use up to 90% less energy than incandescent bulbs to
      ensure that you save both energy and money
  • • 1 SMD LED chip in each bulb
  • • Average bulb life of 60,000 hours
  • • 120 volts, 2 watts
  • • Dimmable
  • • Rated for indoor and outdoor use
  • • Case Quantity: 500 (20 bags) *Note item sold per bag
  • • Case Weight: 22 lbs.
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  • 2-7 $34.60
  • 8-25 $32.60
  • 26-60 $30.50
  • 61-139 $28.50
  • 140+ $26.50
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C9 SMD LED Retrofit Bulbs - Frosted Smooth - Yellow - Pro Christmas - Bag of 25

  • • Professional/Commercial Grade
  • • Brand: Pro Christmas™
  • • Bulb Color: Yellow
  • • Color Temperature: 2,600 Kelvin
  • • Bulb Design: Frosted smooth, high strength, impact resistant lens
  • • Light Action: Steady, Dimmable
  • • Lens Height: 2 1/4", Total Height: 3.25"
  • • Lens Diameter: 1 1/8"
  • • Bulb life: 60,000 hours
  • • Base Size: E17 - Intermediate C9
  • • Base: Nickel coated brass base prevents corrosion
  • • Volts: 120
  • • Real Power: 2 Watts *
  • • Apparent Power: .96 Watts *
  • • UL Rated: for Indoor/Outdoor Use
  • • Case Quantity: 500 (20 bags) *Note item sold per bag
  • • Case Weight: 22 lbs.

* Real Power is how much electrical infrastructure you need, Apparent Power is how much power is actually being consumed. Need more information? Please see our PDF, Understanding Electrical Load for LED Retrofit Bulbs.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have light line that previously contained C9 incandescent bulbs. Will C9 LED retrofit bulbs fit into the sockets?

Yes, as long as the sockets are C9s, any regular C9 LED retrofit bulb can be used. However, we strongly recommend that you carefully check the condition of the cord to make sure it is free from wear and tear and that the insulation isn't showing signs of UV deterioration. LED retrofit bulbs will last for many seasons and it's important to make sure the cord is in good condition.

Why does it cost significantly more to buy 25 retrofit bulbs than it does to buy a LED stringer set with 25 bulbs pre-attached?

There is a significant difference between these two types of lights. When you buy a retrofit bulb, you are getting a light that is significantly brighter, will generally last longer, can be replaced as needed and allows for more customizable installations due to the fact that the cord can be cut to size. This is why LED retrofit bulbs are the primary C7/C9 bulb used by Pro Christmas installers.