C9 Wedge Clip – Bag of 100

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The C9 Wedge Clips are a professional installer's #1 choice. Designed for temporary installs (seasonal), this device decreases install and removal time by 50%. The clip is installed by either directly sliding it over the bulb into place, or by placing on the base of a C9 light line before bulb is... Read more
  • 1-2 $39.50
  • 3-8 $31.60
  • 9-19 $30.60
  • 20-49 $28.60
  • 50+ $26.70
C9 Wedge Clip - Bag of 100 Wedge Clips is the top clip choice for pro Christmas installers. With Wedge Clips, you no longer have the issue of clips popping off perimeter light line, especially during removal. The clip is placed on the base of the bulb, before it's screwed into the socket. This "sandwich style" design prevents the clip from coming off. Light line removal speed is decreased by up to 50% and clips left attached to the roofline after cord removal is no longer an issue. The fixed angle tail with contact pad helps the clip grip underneath the shingle for more stability.