LED Icicle Lights

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LED Icicle Lights

Composed of strings of M5 mini-bulbs of varying lengths, LED icicle lights lend beauty and elegance to any display. Whether hung from the roof or dangling from your patio overhang, they bring a dynamic, warm layering of light to the space. With their unique, enchanting design, they’re not just for Christmas — you can use them year-round for all kinds of applications.

What makes them special?

1. Clustered lights in an attractive package – Icicle lights glimmer on their hanging strings, drawing the eye and instilling a difficult-to-describe feeling in viewers.

2. Quick set-up – If you’re looking to get a lot of lights up in a short amount of time, icicle lights make it easy.

Where should I use them?

Hung from the perimeter of your home or business, icicle lights look great both by themselves or layered into a complex display. They’re also excellent for year-round indoor and outdoor lighting of all kinds, whether you’re establishing ambiance on your patio or warming up a party indoors.