Glittered Christmas Ornaments, Fuchsia

Ornaments ideal for decorating in your home, office, or dressing up the city park Christmas Tree!
These ornaments are designed for demanding professional decorating applications and are pre-wired
for security to withstand high winds, making attachment quick, easy, and assuring. With the mass
variety of sizes, finishes, and colors to customize the perfect theme, you can achieve exactly what
you are wanting your Christmas tree or decor to reflect this holiday season!

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Glittered Christmas Ornaments, Fuchsia
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Glittered Christmas Ornaments, Fuchsia

Commercial Grade Shatterproof Christmas Ornaments are designed for high demand commercial decorating applications.

  • • Grade: Professional/Commercial
  • • Available Sizes: 1.5", 2.75", 4", 6"
  • • Color: Fuchsia
  • • Finish: Glittered
  • • Design: Shatterproof, Round
  • • Wired: Yes, pre-wired for easy attachment. Wire passes through the stem of the ornament preventing ornaments from falling, even in high winds.
  • • Cap: Yes, gold cap
  • • Rating: Ideal for indoor or outdoor use.