Starting Your Own Christmas Lighting & Decorating Business - Digital eBook Version

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Comprehensive book detailing all aspects of starting a professional Christmas light hanging and decorating installation business.

Starting Your Own Christmas Lighting and Decorating Business - Digital PDF Version

Never has there been greater demand for professional Christmas installation services. In most areas of the US and Canada, there’s more work than there are installers. The installers that are available are having to turn work away because of the sheer volume.

So why aren’t there more pro Christmas installers if there’s such a big demand for their services? It all comes down to the secretive nature of the Christmas installation industry. Up until recently, if you wanted to start your own Christmas lighting business you either had to either learn through trial and error, or spend $10,000 or more and buy into a franchise opportunity. Both options were very costly.

When the first edition of our book, Starting Your Own Christmas Lighting and Decorating Business, was released in 2010, the secretive world of pro Christmas installing was turned on its head. Suddenly all the trade secrets that everyone protected and didn’t want to have revealed was now out in the open. The book quickly became the industry textbook for anyone wanting to start hanging Christmas lights and decorating professionally.

Now in it’s 3rd revision and more in depth than ever, Starting Your Own Christmas Lighting and Decorating Business is the uncontested source for no nonsense information when it comes to starting your own Christmas lighting business.

You'll Learn Business Fundamentals…

Learn the fundamentals that will apply to your Christmas business, things like:

    • • How to decide if starting a Christmas business is right for you
    • • How to plan and start your business
    • • How to narrow your niche and maximize your profits
    • • How to successfully market your business
    • • How to price your products and services
    • • How to close sales

    You'll Learn All About the Christmas Business…

     This book will also teach you a wealth of trade tips, secrets and techniques that apply specifically to running a Christmas business, including:

    • • Electrical 101
    • • The tools and supplies you'll need as a pro Christmas installer
    • • Everything you need to know about all types of Christmas lights
    • • Best-practices and tips for installing Christmas lights in every scenario you might encounter
    • • How to design and install Christmas displays
    • • How to service a job throughout the season, keeping the display looking as great as the day you installed it
    • • Guidance for taking down displays, along with off-season storage and servicing

    Join the exciting and lucrative pro Christmas industry and begin your journey in the magical, secretive, and fascinating world of professional Christmas lighting and decorating.


    Whether you’re looking to make an extra $10,000 a year by installing a handful of jobs or you’re ready to build a serious Christmas business and earn well into six figures, Starting Your Own Christmas Lighting & Decorating Business will guide you step-by-step through the process of starting and building your own Christmas business. Drawn from our decades of experience in the Christmas business, and written by a 20 year Christmas lighting veteran, this book is packed with more than 330 pages and 250 color images. It covers every possible detail about planning, starting and running a successful Christmas business.

"We have a landscape business and decided to dip our toes into Christmas lighting to help keep our employees busy during the slower times of the year. The help we got from reading Starting Your Own Christmas Lighting & Decorating Business saved us from a ton of trial and error. It gave us the confiendence we needed to get out and start offering Christmas lighting to our customers. 3 seasons in and it's been a great addition to our business"
                       - Bradley Warren, Phoenix, Arizona


"What a great book! I just completed my first installation season after reading Jason's book and it was great! Looking forward to continuing to expand my business and take on larger accounts."   
                      - Adam Sweeney, Tulsa, Oklahoma


"I wish I would have discovered this business years ago! I'm amazed at the demand for residential Christmas lighting. I'm a firefighter and was able to start up my own Christmas installation business with the help of this book. I'm now making nearly as much hanging Christmas lights as I am as a firefighter."

                      -Zach Evans, Albany, New York


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