Twinkly - 4 Port Wifi Controller

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Brand: Twinkly™ 2022 Generation II iOS Compatible. Not currently compatible with Android Devices

Twinkly - 4 Port WiFi Power Line Controller

  • Brand: Twinkly™
  • Year: 2022
  • Connector Type: Coaxial
  • Strand Compatibility: Twinkly Pro Light Sets
  • 2020 Stand Compatible: No, these will not work with the 2020 product.
  • Grade: Commercial, suitable for Professional & Residential use
  • Max bulbs per Port: 250 capsules
  • Total bulbs per Controller: 1000 capsules
  • Max Grouped Capacity via App: 10 Controllers (5000 bulb maximum)
  • Wireless Control System: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled via controller
  • Controller Interface: Advanced Twinkly Pro app interface via Apple smart phones and Apple iPads. Not currently compatible with Android Devices.
  • Wireless Network: 2.4 GHz (Will not currently work on 5GHz networks)
  • Grouping: Unable to group RGB Home and RGB Pro together. Unable to group RGB and RGBW lights together.  
  • Music Syncing: Yes, interrated music and voice sensor
  • UL Rated: IP 65, for indoor or outdoor use