11' Ice Sculpture Christmas Tree - Red

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Create a Winter Wonderland with this collection of Ice Sculpture trees. These will surely get you into the Christmas spirit. Available in three sizes 7', 9', and 11' and 3 colors Pure White, Red or Green
11' Ice Sculpture Christmas Tree - Red Tree Height: 11' Lighting Options: 5mm Wide Angle Conical LED Pure White with random flash. Grade of Light Sets: Commercial Grade, IP65, Long Life Number of Bulbs:1752 Tree Usage Rating: Indoor/Outdoor Use Frame Type: Aluminium Tree Grade: Commercial Carton Dimensions: (1) 3.83' X 2.17' X 2.83', (2) 6.91' X .83' X .75' Carton Weight: (1) 124 lbs, (2) 25 lb Diameter at largest branches: 7'