18/2 Male Slide On Vampire Plug, SPT-2, Green - Bag of 50

Tired of stressing over wire length and power cords? End your stress here with our 18/2 Male Slide on Vampire Plug! With this plug, you can create your own cord. Just simply slide the plug onto the end of the cable, and then push the teeth down in order to pierce the wire's insulation. You are then left with a power cord that you can use to plug in more lights and decorations. No more do you have to let a power outlet dictate where you are placing your lights. This vampire plug will allow you to decorate like a professional this season by creating your own power cord that will contribute to the efficiency and swiftness of decorating your home or venue.

  • • 18/2 Green Male Slide on Vampire Plug
  • • SPT-2
  • • Polarized
  • • 10 amp capacity
  • • Perfect for creating your own power cords to make the most of
      your decorating and allow for the most professional look
  • • This item is sold in bags of 50 plugs.

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18/2 Male Slide on Vampire Plug, Green - Bag of 50

Male Slide On Vampire Plug

  • • SPT-2
  • • Polarized
  • • The two teeth in the plug pierce the wire's insulation.
  • • Simply slide on the cover and the teeth make contact with the wire.
  • • Allows you to make your own power cords.
  • • Slip it at the end of a cable.
  • • 10 amp capacity
  • • This item is sold in bags of 50 plugs.