18/2 SPT 2 Zip Cord, White, 1000'

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Create multiple power cords with our 18/2, SPT 2, White Zip Cord. This cord is the top trusted choice for professional Christmas installers. So decorate like a professional, while creating an efficient power cord that will make light installation much quicker and easier. With 1000 feet of wire, you... Read more

18/2 SPT2 Zip Cord, White, 1000' Roll

  • • Bulk Zip Cord, 1000'
  • • No Plugs included- add slide on male and female plugs as needed
  • • The top choice for Pro Christmas installers
  • • Customize your own power cords
  • • Insulation Thickness: .045"
  • • 7 AMP Max
  • • Case Quantity: 1
  • • Case Weight: 29.8 lbs.

Plugs Sold Separately, (18/2 Male Slide On, SPT-2 and 18/2 Female Slide On, SPT-2)

* 18 gauge wire, whether SPT-1 or SPT-2, has a maximum capacity of 7 amps. Many websites and online sources mistakenly state that SPT-2 is 10 amps. The insulation is twice as thick on SPT-2 as on SPT-1, however, this does not increase the maximum load capacity of the wire. Never load more than 7 amps on any 18-gauge wire.