26 Light Warm White C9 LED Christmas Lights - 8" Spacing - White Wire

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The Commercial Grade Warm White LED lights offer a soft light that works well in a number of applications both inside and outside of your home or business. You can use them for weddings, anniversary parties, birthdays, and holidays. Great to use in variety of ways, including behind fabrics, with... Read more
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C9 LED - 26 Bulb Count, 8" Spacing - Warm White - White Wire

  • • Brand: Pro Christmas™
  • • Bulb Style: C9 Consumer Size - For Professional Sized C9 Click Here: Pro Christmas C9 Bulbs
  • • Bulb Count: 26
  • • Bulb Color: Warm White
  • • Light Set Series: Professional/Commercial Grade
  • • Bulb/Socket Design: One Piece, non removeable. Prevents dirt and moisture from damaging and corroding the lighting system.
  • • Ideal Applications: Great for lighting up the foliage and canopies of trees as well as for outlining ground level landscape features. String style light sets are not recommended for building perimeter lighting. For these types of applications, we recommend the brighter illumination of C9 light line: Building Perimeter Line Lighting
  • • Bulb Life: 75,000 hrs
  • • Bulb Spacing: 8"
  • • Bulb Dimensions: 1 7/8" h x 1" w
  • • Socket Dimensions: 3/4" h x 9/16" w
  • • Overall Dimensions: 2 5/8" h x 1" w
  • • Wire Color: White
  • • Wire Gauge: 22 Gauge
  • • Rectifier: Full Wave Rectified - Specially designed inline, double injected molded - double sealed against the elements. Prevents bulbs from flickering during
  • • Light Set Length: 17.3'
  • • Lead Length: 6"
  • • Tail Length: 6"
  • • Connector Type: Non-polarized End to End Connector - Up to 75 sets can be connected end to end and plugged into one extension cord or outlet.
  • • Plug Type: Non-polarized Stackable, fused. Standard 2-prong plug. Works with any standard 110/120 volt outlet. No adapter required.
  • • UL Rated: Yes, for indoor or outdoor use.
  • • Watts Per Set: 2.8 Watts
  • • Amps Per Set: .02 Amps
  • • Voltage: 120 Volts
  • • Max # of Sets Connected Together: 75
  • • Warranty: 3 Season Warranty*
  • • Case Quantity: 24 *Note item sold individually.
  • • Case Weight: 29.8 lbs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are C9 string style Christmas light sets not ideally suited for outlining the perimeter of buildings and homes?

When it comes to applications that require outlining the perimeter of a structure, C9 string sets may not provide the same level of professional aesthetics attainable with C9 empty socket light line with replaceable bulbs. String light sets tend to offer a softer and less uniform lighting effect and cannot be customized to precisely match the lines of the structure. For this reason, we strongly recommend opting for C9 empty socket light line when seeking a polished and tailored look. These lines not only deliver a brighter and more consistent illumination but also provide the flexibility to cut the cord to the exact dimensions of the structure. However, it's worth noting that C9 string light sets are exceptionally well-suited for applications where maximum brightness and the ability to customize cord length are not primary concerns. Applications such as branch wraps and canopy lighting, for instance, benefit from the gentle and atmospheric glow that C9 stringer light sets can provide.

These light sets are one piece, which means the bulbs cannot be replaced. What if a bulb goes out?

LED diodes typically last a long time, it's rare that they will burn out. But in the event that one does burn out, the rest of the set will continue to operate without a problem.

Why are the bulbs non replaceable?

Generally, top quality LED Christmas light sets are made using a one piece LED bulb and socket design. Although this does prevent the bulbs from being replaced, the advantage is that it significantly extends the life of the light set. The #1 reason LED light sets fail is because dirt and moisture get into the lighting system causing the set to fail. By having a single piece construction, this creates a sealed bulb and socket. Because LED diodes last a very long time, it's rare that one will burn out.

Your LED bulbs are rated at 75,000 hours, but I see other websites that have them rated up to 200,000 hours, why is there such a big difference?

Any site that is rating a LED diode above 85,000 hours has outdated information. During the early days of LED Christmas lights, factories in China often exaggerated their bulb hour ratings, however, through the years additional testing has shown that this is not realistic. At 200,000 hours, if you had your lights on for 12 hours a night for 60 days each holiday season, the LEDs would last for 277 years. It's obviously impossible for a LED diode to last that long. A more realistic rating is generally between 35,000 hours and 85,000 hours, however, it's important to understand this is the life expectancy of only the LED diode in a perfect factory condition. See the next question for more information regarding light set life expectancy.

Since the bulbs on these light sets are rated at 75,000 hours, is that approximately how long the set itself will last?

It's important to understand that LED bulb life and light set life are two different things. The 75,000 hour rating only applies to the LED diode in a perfect factory test environment. Unfortunately it's impossible to offer an accurate life expectancy for LED light sets because there are so many factors that can affect the life of the set. These factors can include how long the sets are left up every year, how harsh the weather is and how carefully the sets are installed, removed and stored.

Even though there are a number of factors that can shorten the life of a LED light set, if taken care of and not left up for extended periods of time, LEDs will last for many years and will offer reliability and longevity that far surpasses traditional incandescent Christmas lights.

* Christmas Designers Pro Series lights come with a 3 Season Limited Warranty. Christmas Designers warrants to the original buyer for 3 seasons under normal conditions of use, that our Pro Series Christmas lights will be free from defects in material and workmanship.

Warranty is voided if the lights are used beyond normal seasonal usage, which is considered 90 days or less each year. Rough handling, cut/torn wires or modification of the light set in any way will void the warranty.

For additional details and warranty claims, refer to our terms and conditions.