8' LED Ornament Icon - Photo Op Feature Piece with Deluxe Red Seat

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Great for commercial photo shoots and social media shotsalike, this festive ornament throne will make anyone feellike the king or queen of Christmas!
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8' 3D Ornament Icon - Photo Op Feature Piece with Deluxe Red Seat

• Height: 8' 
• Width: 6' 10"
• Depth: 1' 6"
• Lighting: Combination of Commercial Grade LED Rope Lights and LED Mini Lights
• Rope Lighting: 13 mm, transparent PVC w/1.1" bulb spacing
• Stringer Lighting: Transparent PVC cable, bullet cap with glue injection, IP44, outdoor rated
• Construction Type: Aluminum, gold powder coated frame designed for demanding outdoor applications
• Dimensional Material: Gold and Silver Tinsel with Transparent Flexi-PVC Net; Cushioned Red
Upholstered Bench with Back Rest
• Talent Seat: Deluxe vinyl seat with seat back designed for photo ops and social media ops.
• Power Cord: 6' UL Rated Power Cord
• Estimated Shipping Cubes: 42 ft³
• Carton Dimensions: 6'-7" X 3'-4" X 1'-10"
• Some assembly required
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Specification Download:

3D-LOI8-GSRB-WW - Spec Sheet