All Application Clip - Bag of 100

The All Application Clip is designed for temporary install, orientates the bulbs
horizontal (tip points out) on gutters & vertical (tip points upward) on shingles.
These clips allow you to overlap the end wings to create a smaller socket fit.
Wood/Asphalt shingles and gutters are ideal to use the All Application Clip on
with C7 & C9 base socket light line, C6 stringer sets, and mini lights when the
end wings are overlapped to accommodate for the smaller socket.

  • • Bag of 100
  • • Designed for Shingles and Gutters
  • • Use with C7/C9 socket light line (not stringer sets/pre lamped sets)
  • • Use with C6 stringer sets/pre lamped sets
  • • Use with mini light sets
  • • Item sold per bag

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All Application Clip - Bag of 100

  • • Multifaceted clip that can be used with C7, C9 empty socket light line.
  • • Twist the end wings and clip can be used with smaller socket stringer light sets
  • • Horizontal orientation when mounted on gutters
  • • Vertical orientation when mounted on shingles
  • • Decorate like a professional while creating an ideal look with perfectly arranged lights
  • • Added security can be achieved when mounting under shingles with the folding tab at the end of the clip