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C9 Cord, 15" Spacing, Green Wire, SPT-1, 50'

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C9 Cord, 15" Spacing, Green Wire, SPT-1, 50'

• Socket Type: C9
• Professional/Commercial Grade
• Length: 50'
• Number of Sockets: 40
• Socket Spacing: 15"
• Weep Holes: Located on the bottom of sockets. Allows water and air to flow through, keeping the socket drier.
• Wire Capacity: 7 amp
• Rating: SPT-1
• Wire Gauge: 18
• Voltage:  110/120
• Usage: Indoor/Outdoor

Plugs sold separately - (18/2 Male Slide On - SPT-1 and 18/2 Female Slide On w/ Breakaway Tab - SPT-1)

Max Load

• C9, 5 watt incandescent bulbs - 140 bulbs
• C9, 7 watt incandescent bulbs - 100 bulbs
• C9 LED Retro Fit - 300 bulbs

Frequently Asked Questions

Once I install my male plug at the begining of the cord and then cut the cord to the desired length, what do I do with the end of the cord that has no end connector?

Some people simply fold the cord over into a small, 1" loop and then wrap electrical tape around it, however, we generally recommend using a female slide on plug for a safer and cleaner look.

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