Twinkly Plus - 4 Port WiFi and Ethernet Controller

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Twinkly Plus is the step between Twinkly Home and Twinkly Pro. Some of the special features of this product is the replaceable 90W power supply and the automatic identification system. Unlike the Twinkly Pro and Twinkly Home products, the 2023 Twinkly Plus controller has wi-fi and ethernet for both... Read more

Twinkly Plus - 4 Port WiFi and Ethernet Controller

Brand: Twinkly Plus™

Year: 2023

Connector Type: Coaxial

Strand Compatibility: Twinkly Plus Strands (not compatible with Twinkly Pro)

Grade: Commercial, suitable for Professional and Residential use

Max bulbs per Port: 250 capsules

Total bulbs per Controller: 1000 capsules

Max Grouped Capacity via App: 10 Controllers

Connection Methods: Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and Bluetooth enabled via controller

Wireless Network: 2.4 GHz (Will not currently work on 5GHz networks)

Controller Interface: Advanced Twinkly Pro app interface via Apple smartphones, Apple iPads, and newer Android Devices.

Grouping: Groupable with Twinkly Plus and Twinkly Home Controllers

Music Syncing: Yes, when paired with the Twinkly Music Dongle

2021 and 2020 Strand Compatible: These will not work with the 2021 and 2020 Twinkly Pro Strands.

UL Rated: IP 65, for indoor or outdoor use