RGB Christmas Lighting Options

Twinkly Pro Christmas Lights

Ready to amp up your Christmas lighting project? Or perhaps looking to take your stage production to the next level? Time to treat your restaurant visitors to a custom animated RGB light display? Christmas Designers has a complete line of Twinkly Pro and Twinkly Home controllers and accessories to help you make a bold statement. Twinkly Home is the consumer friendly RGB option for your home or small business. Twinkly Pro is designed from the ground up for demanding commercial Christmas lighting applications.

RGB Christmas Lights

The latest generation Minleon RGB Christmas Lights combine cutting edge hardware with an open source platform to create an animation lighting system that is unmatched in the industry. From a simple animated Christmas tree, to a multi-million dollar holiday extravaganza, we have the perfect RGB animated lighting solution for all your project needs.

Minleon RGB Lights RGB Animation Lighting Controllers RGB Christmas Light Accessories
Animated Minleon RGB lights for Christmas lighting projects as well as non-holiday production applications. Latest generation RGB technology. Animated lighting is only as good as the controllers the control them. High quality RGB animation controls ranging from basic to mini controllers to 24v Network Data Boxes. Quality RGB accessories to take your animated lighting to the next level. Everything you need to complete the project including power supplies, specialized Ts and Data Boosters.

Commercial RGB Christmas Trees

Commercial RGB Christmas Trees

Fully animated commercial RGB Christmas trees with over 17 million color combinations, advanced RGB technology and 26 pre-programmed special effects. All packaged into a tree that is easy to install, requires minimal upkeep and is guaranteed to amaze even the most discerning Christmas enthusiast. Choose between RGB pebble lights or the classic bullet light.

  • Plug and play for simplified installation
  • Open source platform
  • Rated for indoor/outdoor use
  • Create custom programming through Minleon's light show pro or 3rd party software systems
  • Latest generation RGB animated lighting technology
  • Available from 12' to 50' commercial Christmas trees
  • 22 Special effects settings
  • Full spectrum RGB color change
  • Twinkly Pro the smart lighting choice

    Twinkly Pro RGB Christmas Lights

    Pro Grade App Controlled Smart Animated Christmas Lighting

    Next generation LED RGB Christmas Lights takes the guesswork out of fully customizable animated Christmas lighting. No more custom programming and painstaking mapping of your animation project. Simply use the camera on your smart phone or tablet and let the Twinkly Pro app do all the work.

    Choose from already installed pre-sets or create your own custom animation sequence through the powerful app interface. Take your lighting to the next level by using Twinkly Pro's in sound board to sync the RGB lights to music.

  • Pro grade design for demanding Christmas lighting applications
  • Wi-Fi controller
  • 17 million possible color combinations
  • Blue tooth
  • Control up to 10,000 individual lights
  • Voice control with Amazon Alexa or Google Home
  • IP 65 Rated
  • No manual mapping, fully automated RGB mapping through the Twinkly Pro app
  • Sync to music with built in sound board
  • Create or import your own effects
  • Twinkly Pro RGB Light Sets Twinkly Pro App
    6 mm RGB Christmas Lights capable of millions of colors and designed for demanding outdoor applications. Superior illumination and outstanding durability. The magic of Twinkly Pro is in power and simplicity of the app. Program in minutes what previously took hours or even days to complete. Available for smartphones and tablets.

    Blee Linear lighting solutions



    Lighting solution brings you the technology of Minleon-Rainmin's RGB+ pebbles to your perimeter lighting. This is a maintenance-free solution for an outstanding and eye-catching architectural lighting solution.

    Blee Linear lighting is a forward facing RGB LED track lighting system that is designed to be permanently installed on a structure to provide year-round permanent Christmas lights.

    Blee Linear is a low-profile perimeter solution with track that fits Minleon's RGB Lighting with 24 volt pebble designed lens. With two LEDs per pebble, each RGB bulb offers maximum illumination even in locations with significant ambient lighting. With nearly 17 million possible color combinations, there are no limits to what colors you're able to feature on your home, building or architectural structure.

  • Pro grade design for demanding permanent Christmas lighting applications
  • LoRa controller
  • 17 million possible color combinations
  • Local and cloud based control options
  • IP 65 Rated
  • LoRa cloud based controller can control hundreds of thousands of pebbles on a single account
  • Ultra-bright double diode design
  • LoRa controller allows scheduling of years
  • Custom made channel for ease of install and concealment of wires
  • LoRa controllers need just one access point with ranges up to five miles and no limits of LoRa controllers
  • Multiple length of Pebble stands with weather proof connectors so no need to cut wires
  • LoRa controllers have intelligent power management allows distances up to 400ft between controllers
  • Wi-Fi controller