C7 Cord, 36" Spacing, Green Wire, SPT-1, 1000'

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Empty socket lines are the top seller among our professional installers. They create endless possibilities to customize a line that will fit every occasion perfectly. You can celebrate your favorite sports team going to the Super Bowl, party themes, special events, or have a one-of-a-kind Christmas... Read more

C7 36" Light Line - 1000' Bulk Spool - Empty Socket Light Line - Green Wire

  • • Socket Type: C7 (E12)
  • • String Length: 1,000'
  • • Number of Sockets: 333
  • • Quality Grade: Commercial
  • • Rating: SPT-1 - .03 inch insulation thickness
  • • Wire Gauge: 18
  • • Voltage: 110/120
  • • Usage: Indoor/Outdoor

Electrical Cord Maximum Amperage Loads

Plugs sold separately - (18/2 Male Slide On - SPT-1 and 18/2 Female Slide On - SPT-1)

Maximum bulb load:

  • 250 (C9) LED Retrofit bulbs or 250 feet of line, whichever comes first
  • 100 (C9) 7-watt incandescent bulbs
  • 70 (C9) 10-watt incandescent bulbs

Maximum amperage for 18/2 gauge wire:

  • Up to 50 feet= 10 amps
  • 51-100 feet= 7 amps
  • 101-150 feet= 5 amps
  • 151-200 feet= 3.5 amps*
  • 201-250 feet= 2.5 amps*

*= Only used for C7/C9 perimeter lighting applications


Frequently Asked Questions

I only need a few hundred feet of light line, do I have to buy a whole spool?

We do sell our Light Line by 50' and 100' sections. Please see our 50' and 100' Sections product listings.

Once I install my male plug at the begining of the cord and then cut the cord to the desired length, what do I do with the end of the cord that has no end connector?

Some people simply fold the cord over into a small, 1" loop and then wrap electrical tape around it, however, we generally recommend using a female slide on plug for a safer and cleaner look.