Twinkly Plus - 250L, RGBW Capsule Lights - Transparent Wire - Single Line

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Twinkly Plus - 250L, RGBW Capsule Lights, 4" Spacing with Transparent Wire, Single Line

Brand: Twinkly Plus

Year: 2023

Bulb Style: 7mm Capsule, Addressable LED

Bulb Count: 250

Bulb Color: RGBW - 16 million + possible colors

Bulb Spacing: 4"

Wire Color: Transparent

Wire Gauge: 22 Gauge

Light Set Length (First Bulb to Last): 83.3'

Connector Type: Coaxial Connect, no end connection. Multiple sets are grouped via a control box.

Max Number of Sets: Dependent on Controller used. Controller Not Included

Controller Technology: Available via Wi-Fi or Ethernet

Grouping: Groupable with Twinkly Plus and Home (when using Wi-FI connection)

Music Syncing: Yes, integrated music and voice sensor only via Wi-Fi Control.

Controller Interface: Advanced Twinkly app interface via iPhone, iPad, and Android

Water Proof Rating: IP 65

UL Rated: Yes, for indoor or outdoor use

Watts: 26 Watts at maximum intensity

Usage Category: Commercial, residential and professional applications

Warranty: One Year