Every Christmas decoration arrangement, whether residential or commercial, benefits from bright decorations. And you’re about to discover a decoration among the brightest, most brilliant of decorations in all of Christmas existence. It impresses as a centerpiece, highlights areas where eyes need to be, and frames Christmas themed areas with ease. Get ready to welcome one of the brightest out of the bunch: the Christmas tree of lights.

commercial tree of lightsWhat is a Christmas Tree of Lights?

This decoration is a lightweight take on the traditional Christmas tree that shines just as bright. A “tree of lights” is a decoration made from a minimalist frame and lights arranged in a fashion that resembles a cone-shaped pine tree. This decoration is hollow in the middle, with its tree-like appearance created by light strings fastened from the top of the frame pole down to the round frame at the bottom.

The tree of lights doesn’t feature any greenery, branches, or other foliage elements that typically constitute artificial Christmas trees. And that’s one of its most interesting benefits: its design is lighter and sleeker than standard artificial Christmas trees. This makes a Christmas tree of lights easier to install and maneuver than a traditional artificial tree, and places it as a prime option in a display for home and building fronts where you don’t want dense decorations to obstruct the view to specific points of interest.

multicolor tree of lightsTrees of lights tend to vary greatly in quality between vendors, from plastic retail-grade to heavy-duty steel frame commercial-grade. Your budget, location, and goals all help to determine what product is best for you. Trees of lights are available in commercial and standard sizes based on height. A standard tree is typically 12 feet tall, while commercial starts at 15 feet and can tower in height at 30 feet.

The Christmas tree of lights is available in every great shade of the holiday color palette, from red or green, to a robust multicolor mix. Any color makes this tree a proud complement to an impressive display.

red white and blue holiday light treesWhat Makes a Christmas Tree of Lights Look Its Best?

Great proportions make for a great tree of lights, with the ideal being a long sleek cone-shaped appearance. Squat, disproportioned trees of lights can be an eyesore. An oblong and wide silhouette is not ideal for a tree of lights, so stick to cone-shaped trees of lights no matter the height your display calls for.

Straight, uniform lines create a sight of visually pleasing perfection in a Christmas tree of lights, and are nice to look at even from a distance. When the tree’s lights are tidy, taught, and vertically aligned, it’s reminiscent of a charming evergreen tree.

Decorations have the power enhance the presentation of these trees in a way that underlines their brightness, shape, and even ability to tell a story.

Christmas light tree in a yardHow to Decorate Your Christmas Tree of Lights

The tree of lights is the right blend between familiar and different that can help you combine stylish holiday favorites with fresh takes. While it can look great as a standalone decoration, you can put a twist on its appearance with a creative attitude that considers its unique structure. And thanks to its compact design, the tree of lights is easy to navigate around and customize

When you select a commercial tree of lights from Christmas Designers, you get to choose from a curated selection of lights for the tree: 5mm wide angle conicals, C7 retrofit bulbs, or Twinkly Pro lights. The tree of lights offers the flexibility to fit quite comfortably into your dream Christmas decorating arrangement. For trees of lights that are perfect for a standard yard, our line of light show trees  features styles with microdrop lights and conical lights.

light show trees around a home

But a Christmas tree of lights is more than just lights! Let’s go through some of the other decorations that bolster its beauty.

Shining Tree Toppers

The most fitting tree topper for this special tree is the twinkle starburst. Its eruption of light is the perfect crowning point on a tree that’s positively defined by its shining spirit.

Center Pole Wrappings

The center pole on some varieties of trees of lights can provide opportunity to introduce a touch of intrigue. Wrap the center with ribbon or matching lights. Or try shining angle cut garland that tastefully picks up the glint from the tree’s high quality lights.

Base Decorations

A foundation made of decorations is an imaginative method to emphasize a Christmas tree of lights’ arrangement.

LED spheres are an excellent choice popular in many tree of lights arrangements. These decorations give a look of radiant ornaments inside the tree.

led light spheres in treeSpeaking of ornaments, oversized ornaments are fine decorations to place in front of or around the base of a tree of lights. Oversized ornaments contribute to a display that feels larger-than-life.

Floor lights and spotlights can be elegant accents in a display, as a brilliant highlight or a magical, glowing foreground.

Invite a cast of whimsical characters that poke through the tree’s base to tell a story. Bears and elves are lovely denizens in a tree of lights, while other beloved Christmas figures can bring life to your display inside the tree, around it, or both.

The Where and How for a Christmas Tree of Lights

Location is significant in creating a phenomenal tree of lights display. Place one or more trees in the right spot, and you’ll have onlookers stunned by your spectacular arrangement.

Since trees of lights are all lights on the surface, they’re great at catching the eye. This makes placement in front of large building signs a smart choice, as a tree of lights draws attention to what you want to highlight.

Trees of lights work great in pairs for creating a sense of symmetry. Place them at either end of a yard, or at entry ways to frame your arrangement.

tree of lights in entry wayAnd while we’re addressing the synergy between more than one Christmas tree of lights, the foremost way to create an ensemble is to group several of them by size and color. Harmony in arrangement results in an outstanding display.

Small trees of lights from 3 to 5 feet in height are well liked for home decorating. Why? Because of how convenient a decoration they are! Rather than wrap light sets around a tree and run cord to them, decorating with trees of lights is as simple as a few minutes of set-up. Consider an LED lights show Christmas tree for a tree of lights that stands out in your home decorating.

Why Choose Professional-Grade for Your Christmas Tree of Lights?

Quality makes all the difference in a Christmas display. A pro grade tree of lights promises a host of design features that will not only lead to the best looking tree of lights, but also one that’s built to last. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Weather durable steel that stands strong against tough conditions
  • The same high quality lights that the pros use
  • An easy-to-install design that’s compatible with basic hand tools
  • Compact components that are easy to store

A tree of lights is a wonderful piece in a well-planned Christmas arrangement that’s destined to be bright and full of variety. When your arrangement needs Christmas brilliance for all to see, look no further than the Christmas tree of lights.

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