Commercial Christmas Garlandsholiday garlandsThe Christmas garland is without a doubt the key element to most holiday decorating programs. A simple steel skeleton can easily be turned into an eye-catching work of art by simply using the right color and style of garlands. Christmas Designers carries a complete line of colorful color blend and super sheen garlands that are great for bringing an old and faded pole decoration or silhouette display back to life. Add a touch of color to the light poles throughout your city or shopping center by wrapping each pole with a section of garland. Liven up the garland even more by adding lights. More exotic colors such as Arctic Spruce, Platinum Pine or Silver Iridescent are great for doorways and stair railings. All of our garlands are manufactured to withstand the rigors of any type of environment. From the humid, ocean climate of South Florida to the freezing                                                                arctic temperatures of Alaska, Christmas Designers garlands will withstand the harshest environments.  

All of our garlands feature the following:

*Patented tear-stop relief hole prevents garland from shedding. *Patented petal crease stiffens garland shape and prevents wilting. *Non-fading plastics with sun-resistant U.V. stabilizers for long-lasting colors. *Bi-laminated plastic-coated metallic garland. No ink-painted substitutes. *Heavy-duty galvanized twist wires prevent rust and hold their shape. *Heavy ratio jamb-feed assures you of extremely thick, full garlands.

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