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Lighting Electrical

  1. GFCIs and Christmas Lights - How to Overcome GFI Related Problems
  2. Vampire Plugs Are the Key to a Professional-Looking Christmas Light Display
  3. What is the Difference Between SPT-1 and SPT-2 Wire
  4. New Survey Results Show LED Lights on the Rise
  5. Understanding Electrical Load for LED Retrofit Bulbs
  6. How Much Electricity Do LED Christmas Lights Use?
  7. Do I Have Enough Electrical Infrastructure for My Christmas Lights and Decorations? Christmas Electric 101 - Part 3
  8. Using a Clamp Meter to Determine How Much Electricity Christmas Lights and Decorations Use - Christmas Electric 101 - Part 2
  9. Making a Line Splitter to Help Calculate Electric Draw from Christmas Lights and Decorations
  10. Calculating How Much Electricity Your Christmas Lights and Displays Use - Christmas Electric 101 - Part 1

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