Pole Banners

Add a festive eye-catching splash to your city, town, shopping center, or government complex with our colorful and unique banners. Christmas Designers features a complete line of banner designs for every season, event, and holiday.

Our street pole banners are a great way to attract attention to your city, shopping center or private organization. Whether your town is celebrating its 100th birthday or your shopping center is preparing for its grand opening, we have a banner that will fit your needs.

Looking for something unique? Let our in house design team create a custom banner program just for you. Our team can create original artwork or we can create a reproduction from graphics you are already using.

Pole Banner Mounting Hardware

While vibrant and eye-catching banners get all of the attention, the hardware that supports the pole banners is the most critical component of any banner program. Many companies focus all of their attention on banners and overlook the critical importance of what supports these banners.

Pole Banner BracketPole Banner Bracket

Pole Banner Fastening Pole Banner Fastening

Through years of field testing and continuous improvement, we are confident that our banner hardware is unmatched in both quality and reliability. Each banner arm is made from high strength fiberglass, which gives structural rigidity, while still allowing sufficient flex in harsh weather conditions. The fiberglass arms are securely mounted to the pole using high-quality aluminum brackets, which offer the highest strength to weight ratio on the market.

Pole Banner