The sky isn’t the only place to light up during the Fourth of July. Your outdoor spaces provide excellent opportunities for decorating in the spirit of America’s original holiday, represented by the classic color ensemble of red, white, and blue. The Fourth of July is a special time during the summer to gather with family and friends, and a great occasion to wow your guests with patriotic displays that feature bright red, white, and blue LED Christmas lights.

C9 retrofit red white blue lightsRead on to explore how to light up your yard, patio, and deck with lights that serve as shining celebrations of freedom and independence.

Creative Applications for Summer Celebration

These carefully selected applications that use red, white, & blue Christmas lights will bring out the best in your outdoor spaces, and delight friends and family with gleaming attractions.

Uncle Sam Stake Lights

This decorating idea is a patriotic take on a summer favorite. Traditionally, stake lights are made by combining yard stakes with white C9 bulbs and light line. If you already have white C9 bulbs for your stake lights, introduce red and blue C9 bulbs for a display that envelopes the yard in Fourth of July fashion. With red, white, and blue Christmas lights as the basis for your stake lighting, you’ll be celebrating summers full of barbecues or patio parties in fun, American style!

Functionally, stake lights are great for lighting the way and highlighting the prettiest places around your yard. They create a gleaming perimeter around your driveway, sidewalks, walking paths, and yard beds. You can also make your own paths through the yard by lining up stakes in parallel.

Discover how to install stake lights like a pro with this helpful video guide.

patriotic red white and blue lightsA New Way of Honoring Old Glory

Twinkly LED lights let you make a show of technicolor wonder that rivals the fireworks! Dial in the American flag palette through a robust set of controls on the Twinkly App. With the power of these dynamic LED lights in your hands, mesmerize viewers with a dazzling display of reds, whites, and blues that mark this celebration of American independence.

twinkly american flag and starTwinkly lights look fantastic outside at the patio or near the pool. Wrap your trees and greenery in Twinkly strings, drape walls with Twinkly curtain, put evolving enchantment above with Twinkly festoon, and create interesting effects using Twinkly strings in drops or Twinkly curtain along strings between trees.

With so much flexibility in control and application, Twinkly LED lights are the perfect lights for a spectacular Fourth of July celebration.

Stars & Stripes

Put the stars in “stars and stripes” with foldable 3D stars! Place them near your lights to draw out a shine effect that really makes them pop. To follow the American flag theme closely, we recommend silver stars mixed with red, white, and blue Christmas lights. However, you can take a creative approach and choose from either red or blue stars as well.

3D stars are fitting when hanging in high places including the ceiling of your porch or from tree branches. You can also set stars on walls or along the sides of your pergola. Consider pairing up stars on a wall with Twinkly Line to create an imaginative American flag attraction.

Fourth of July Outdoor Decor

Add variety and dimension to your Fourth of July decorating with red, white, or blue  foldable LED spheres. Hang them from branches for an enchanting effect to your yard’s summer lighting arrangement, or wrap the cord that you’ll use to hang them around the ceiling of your pergola for brilliant chandeliers that look lovely on the patio.

red pure white and blue foldable spheresFoldable spheres also serve as eye-catching decor sitting on the patio, porch, or even among greenery in plant beds. Choose this route for a different approach to decorating with spheres, or to save space above for hanging other decorations such as stars or polestars.

Patriotic Polestars

The polestar, also known as the starburst, is a picture-perfect representation of the bursting of a firework, making it a must-have for Fourth of July decorating. A red starburst, blue starburst, and silver starburst each make wonderful additions to a Fourth of July arrangement, tastefully complementing the use of red, white, and blue Christmas lights. Polestars are appealing up in trees, and can add a sense of excitement at the patio or porch in the right place.

Red, White, and Blue Tree Wraps

Tree wraps are one of the best ways to light the yard—and what better way to wrap your trees than with lights that match the rest of your Fourth of July decorations? These red, white, and blue C6 and M5 string lights take the work out of putting together the patriotic palette. Wrap your trees in lights that proudly salute guests and Ol’ Glory alike!

Consider linking your trees with strings lights to create a breathtaking outdoor display that shines in unity.

DIY Decorating Idea: Colorful Lit Jars

The lit jar is a summer favorite for DIY decorating, and the Fourth of July is a nice time to take this DIY decorating idea to the next level with colorful jars. To get the color, take a set of jars and stain some in red and others in blue. There are a few different ways to make stained glass jars, including through airbrush or dye.

It’s up to you how big or small you want these DIY lanterns to be. Smaller jars can fit mini candles. A bigger jar allows for more lights, which means a brighter lantern. Fill large jars with white fairy lights for magical looking lanterns in tones of the American color palette.

Unforgettable Fourth of July Arrangement Ideas

Looking for a few ways to put some of the above decorations together? Try one or more of these arrangement ideas for inspired Fourth of July displays to remember. Each of these arrangement ideas uses a space in your outdoor setting as a canvas to put a creative spin on the American flag’s colors and symbols.

A Patriotic Porch

This arrangement will transform any porch into a Fourth of July lighting marvel. Hang silver stars from above using screw hooks, or command hooks if the porch area ceiling allows. Bring light to the columns by wrapping them in C6 or C7 red, white, and blue Christmas lights. And tie the look into harmony with red, white, and blue icicle lights hanging along the upper edge of the porch to match the column wraps—or use blue icicle lights that combine with the hanging stars for an interesting echo of the American flag.

A Decorated Deck

A deck that would make Uncle Sam proud! The arrangement is best started with rail wraps in red, white, and blue Christmas lights or red lights. Then, add in red, white, and blue or blue curtain lights that hang from underneath the railing run alongside the balusters. Finally, integrate silver or red stars at spaced out intervals behind the curtain lights.

A Pretty Poolside

Turn the pool into a welcoming oasis for your Fourth of July festivities. Put your light line up starting near the top of the tree, then run the line down toward the bottom, and bring it back up again in a U-shaped pattern. Continue in this pattern around the front and sides of trees that are visible to the pool area. Then bulb up the sockets facing your house or pool with red, white, and blue bulbs or blue bulbs in either C9 or G50 varieties.

After you’ve put the lights up, hang silver 3D stars or polestars in the branches. And if the trees around your pool have enough trunk, wrap those trunks in red string lights.

Gain more understanding on how to light up your pool area with this guide, and see how it’s done in this pro tutorial video.

The Fourth of July offers so many fun ways to create displays made up of more than fireworks. And you can certainly leave those red, white, and blue Christmas lights up, or at the ready, to keep spirits bright throughout the summertime. Christmas in July adds to the list of great reasons for keeping your outdoor spaces decorated, and Labor Day is another classic American holiday worth decorating for.

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