The emotional appeal of Christmas colors and why they make us feel good.

For the past few years, our most popular color of LED Christmas lights at Christmas Designers has been warm white. The warm white LED light has a slight yellow hue that many Christmas enthusiasts describe as a warm color.

For some folks, some lights capture more of the happiness and hope of Christmas.

Ever wonder why you like certain colors for the holidays and not others? Well, so did we and have gathered some information about the psychology of colors.

Colors of Christmas

Back in 1666, Sir Isaac Newton produced the first known Color Wheel. The Color Wheel of today consists of 12 colors broken down into several categories:

  • The primary colors of red, yellow, and blue.
  • The secondary colors of green, orange, and purple, which are created by mixing two primary colors.
  • Finally, six tertiary colors are created by mixing primary and secondary colors.

There are some colors that are considered emotionally warm – the reds and yellows, and some that are calm and soothing – the blues and greens.

What about white and black? Black is the absence of light, while white is the sum of all colors.

When you think of Christmas, what colors come to mind?

  • Red. Think Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer or Santa’s red robe. Red is a warm color and brightens up the cold season around Christmas.
  • Green. The traditional color of Christmas trees and other evergreen plants used to celebrate Christmas, such as Holly, Ivy and Mistletoe. A cool color that brings the hope of spring and renewal.
  • White. The purity and peace of snow in winter.
  • Blue. A peaceful color that represents the sky and heaven.

When you look at our huge selection of LED lights, you will see that at Christmas Designers we make full use of the spectrum of colors. We break down our most popular LED Christmas lights by color, making it easy to choose your favorite color or mix and match a variety of colors. Simply use the Bulb Color filter on the left of our Christmas light set category and you'll be able to drill down to the exact color you're looking for, regardless of bulb design.

The most predominant color for our Christmas wreaths is the traditional green, while our garlands and ornaments come in a variety of colors.

Christmas is a time of celebration and emotion, and it’s natural that we want to embrace the spirit of the season by choosing colors that have meaning and emotion for us. Most of us will spend some time just sitting and looking at the lights on our tree or walk outside to enjoy the lights that festoon the outside of our house. We may find a sense of peace in the white LED lights that bring joy to our neighbors as they drive by, or we may be soothed by the soft lights on our Christmas tree, or excited by the greens and reds that mark the season.

All of these colors play on our emotions and are part of what makes this a warm and happy time of the year. They will bring back memories of Christmas past and set the stage for Christmas of the future.

Whatever your color preference, Christmas Designers has a wide range to choose from. We have numerous shades of colored LED lights in our store, along with the traditional and not so traditional wreaths, garlands, and ornaments.