Hang a Wreath on Brick, Concrete, or Stone in Less Than 30 Minutes

When it comes to installing Christmas decorations, one of the most often asked questions we receive is how to go about hanging a wreath on brick, concrete, or stone. Fortunately, the process is easier than most people think, but it does require drilling a hole for the anchor. This is the only safe way to hold a wreath in place, especially mid-size to large size Christmas wreaths. Avoid wreath hanging solutions that claim you can hold a wreath in place on brick without drilling an anchor point. There are a variety of brick clips that state they will hold wreaths and decorations in place on brick, but these are prone to failure and can cause injury if the wreath falls on someone below. It's best to take a few extra minutes and anchor the wreath properly. In addition to using the proper attachment hardware, it's also important to use high quality, professional grade Christmas lights and decorations. Avoid buying low-quality retail grade Christmas decor and instead buy from online sellers that supply the professional Christmas industry with high quality, long-lasting Christmas products. Watch the video above or follow the steps below to safely and securely attach a wreath to brick. Tools Needed:
  • Safety glasses
  • Hammer drill (available from a local tool rental store at a low cost)
  • Cordless screw gun
  • Hot glue gun (optional for neatly running the electrical cord)
  • 2" to 3" Tapcon masonry screw (available at most hardware stores) - https://www.tapcon.com/about
  • Tapcon branded masonry drill bit
Steps to Hang a Christmas Wreath:
  1. Use a hammer drill to drill the hole for the Tapcon.
  2. Insert the screw into the Tapcon hole, leaving about 1" sticking out.
  3. Pre-shape the wreath on the ground. Plug it in and test it before hanging it up.
  4. Attach the wreath to the Tapcon with a good quality zip tie or galvanized wire.
  5. Attach the bow
  6. Touch up with some final shaping
  7. Run the power using 18/2 zip and Vampire Plugs. See how this is done here: Vampire Slide-On Plugs
  8. Plug the wreath in and enjoy
Once you remove the wreath after the holidays, you can leave the anchor in place. It typically will blend in with most brick and stone, but if it's too visible, you can paint it a color that helps it blend in better.   Browse Christmas Designers Selection of Professional Christmas Wreaths HERE.