Decorating commercial buildings with C9 LED Christmas lights is a great way to show your holiday spirit AND reap the benefits of customer goodwill.

As Christmas draws closer, you're probably laying out plans for your home's Christmas display. You're probably also thinking of ways you'll want to improve your display from last year, and inventorying your supply of Christmas lights so that you can order what you'll need in plenty of time.

But if you're the owner of a commercial property, you should also be laying out plans for decorating your commercial building. Because in truth, you're likely to derive more direct, tangible benefits from decorating your business property than from decorating your home.

Business lit with C9 perimeter lighting

While pulling out the stops in decorating your commercial property will certainly do no harm, you can reap the benefits with just a basic, simple display. One possibility is to just outline your commercial buildings with strings of C9 LED Christmas lights.

Why C9 bulbs, particularly? C9s are the largest-sized Christmas bulb. Their size makes a dramatic, bold statement in any Christmas display, making them a great choice for outdoor displays.

By simply outlining your commercial buildings with strings of C9 LED lights, you'll stand to reap these wonderful benefits:

  • You'll Showcase Your Holiday Spirit. Except for the occasional Scrooge, everyone is in the Christmas spirit during that most wonderful time of the year. By decorating your business with Christmas lights, you'll be letting everyone in the community know that you're in the Christmas spirit right along with them. And people are naturally drawn to kindred spirits.
  • It's a Big Bonus for Tenants. Does your property have to pay tenants? If so, decorating your property will be like giving your tenants a big Christmas treat. And as a result, you'll get a big boost in goodwill from your tenants, as well as from the community at large.
  • Draws Attention. Can you drive by a brilliant display of Christmas lights without having your attention drawn to that display? Of course not. Nobody can. And nobody wants to. Ogling all the fantastic displays of Christmas lights is part of the joy of the Christmas season. That makes business displays of Christmas lights the very best form of advertising because you're drawing attention to your business joyfully, instead of with in-your-face advertising. And you know the old saying about attracting more flies with honey than with vinegar. It applies to business, too.
  • Helps You Stay Competitive. Business is all about competition. Successful businesses attain their success by out-performing the competition. And while the Christmas season is a time of joy and goodwill, the basic rules of business remain unchanged during that happy time of year. That's why LED Christmas light displays are so important to your business. Your light display will either place you a step ahead of your competitors or help you keep pace with competitors that are also using light displays - a competitive advantage you can't afford to ignore.

Be Careful Where You Shop…

When you're shopping for Christmas lights for your commercial property, be careful where you shop. Avoid the big-box stores that buy cheap and sell cheap. Because when it comes to LED Christmas lights, one bulb isn't the same as another. In fact, there's a huge range of quality available, ranging from bulbs that are poorly made, with the focus on price, to top-quality bulbs from premier manufacturers.

It really does make a difference. Top-quality bulbs will offer the best bang for your buck - not only in durability and longevity but also in brilliance and depth of color.