Along the cusp of spring and summertime, you’ll hear the sound of wedding bells growing stronger. Wedding season is knocking, and decoration ideas are flowing for many event planners, business owners, and blushing brides.

Weddings are the perfect canvas for Christmas lights. From glowing table centerpieces to twinkling dance floors at receptions, Christmas lights are a key tool for decorating wedding venues. Creating the proper mood lighting is almost as important as the ceremony itself. While elegant white lights can create a charming, fairytale-like atmosphere, colorful lights are known for instantly turning on the party.

christmas lights for weddings and receptions and afterpartiesCurious about working some Christmas lights into your own wedding event? Let’s dive into some of the best ideas for wedding and event lighting.

What are the most popular months to get married?

Depending on the season, your wedding and decorations will need to set the right tone. According to the marital authorities at Wedding Wire, the most popular times of year to get married are:

#1: October

The brisk autumn weather encourages people to venture outside and enjoy company, coziness, and romantic events like weddings. As arguably the most predictably pleasant time of year, fall is most ideal for indoor and outdoor weddings. Favored decorations for fall include pine cones, berries, fun photo ops, and warm white lights that keep the atmosphere inviting, intimate, and alive.

#2: September

Second by only a small margin, September soars in popularity for weddings.

#3: June

Lots of couples love to kick off the summer with their nuptials. The romantic balmy weather strikes the mood for love, dancing and celebration. And depending on the location of your wedding, the weather usually hasn’t made it into the most scorching parts of summer yet. Summer weddings are prime for pinks, pastels and a fairytale-like atmosphere.

Least Popular Months to get Married

It probably won’t surprise you to hear that the least popular months to get married are December, January and February. With the busy holidays, frigid temperatures and flu season upon us, many couples shy away from trying to plan big events in the winter months. But by no means should you avoid planning a wedding for wintertime! It’s important to note that booking a wedding during less popular months means that vendors and event spaces will likely be more available. You’re also likely to spend a lot less on services and rentals, as rates aren’t marked up to a premium like they are during busy season. Venues and vendors are likely to reduce their rates during slower months to try to entice event bookings during the winter.

winter weddings and christmas light decorationsThere's another big reason to book during these months... winter weddings are gorgeous! When you play up the aspect of winter whites, snowflakes, dreamy snowfall and glistening lights, the decoration opportunities are endless. End (or beginning) of year nuptials are far less common and a welcome break from harsh, cold reality, making them particularly unforgettable events. Not to mention, most businesses and event venues already have their Christmas lights up, saving you some work on installing your wedding lights.

Icicle Lights for Weddings

There’s something captivating about the dreamy fringe of icicle lights around an indoor or outdoor wedding event. Like a starry night sky, white icicle lights will strike a romantic mood and highlight the architecture of your venue. Icicle lights drop in varying lengths along the string as either static or twinkling styles. Both options are stunning for romantic events, although twinkling icicles can be more eye-catching (and therefore more distracting). Icicles have an organic look that compliments nearby lit foliage, such as shrubs, hedges and trees. You can also scatter icicles along the scaffolding of indoor venues or along the railing of an outdoor pergola.

icicle lights for weddings and eventsCurtain Lights

If you’re working with high ceilings at your event venue, curtain lights are another attractive option. Like a cascade of waterfalling lights, curtain lights drop in neat lines and can be used to highlight important parts of the room, such as the altar, band, dance floor, or bridal table. By wrapping a few yards of sheer white fabric across the front of the lights, the lights can be diffused and softened for indoor applications.

For outdoor applications, consider tying the curtain ends to the ceiling for a draped effect.

curtain lights for weddings and events

Wedding Table Decorations with LED Lights

Table settings are the handshake to a wedding reception. As your guests head to their seats to unwind, relax and celebrate, the table centerpieces can add a huge boost of magic to the affair. Candles have long been the standard for their romantic glow, but they don’t last forever, and flame candles are being phased out as an option around crowds and kids. LED mini lights and candle lights can help set the perfect amount of table light for dinner and dancing. With more control and the guarantee that they won’t blow out, LED table lights are ideal for long lasting table décor.

Fairy Lights

As enchanting as the name sounds, LED fairy lights are the answer to your wispy, white light wishlist. Fairy lights were born for weddings, and we think the best applications are to frame centerpieces and plants. With flexible wiring and delicate strands of LED beads, the lights can be shaped to fit around your candles, blooms and party favors.

christmas lights for wedding table centerpiecesBattery lights in votives

A simple solution for wireless lighting, battery lights skip the Edison plug in favor of a D cell battery pack. Battery lights are optimized for wedding table decorations since they eliminate unattractive cords and complicated electrical set-up per table.

Something Blue: Wedding Pastels and Mini Lights

Pastel colors are popular for spring and summer weddings when the flowers are in full bloom. Light pink and light blue are the most popular accent colors for weddings and bridal parties. Wrapped around poles, altars, trees or venues, a daring splash of colored lights never hurt a dull, white wedding.

Colorful bridal gown are becoming more mainstream for brides that buck normal traditions. The two most popular color choices are light blue and light pink wedding dresses. Accenting the wedding venue with some complimenting teal or pink wedding lights would help accent the bride.

colorful pink wedding dress and decorationsRGB Lights: Colorful Receptions and Afterparties

Imagine how fun the scene would be if the ambient light matched your bridal party colors! RGB lights are capable of millions of color combinations and effects, and are the perfect solution for custom color lighting around event spaces. Twinkly RGB lights have the capability to map and control lighting with a smartphone, making them an incredible choice for long term event lighting installations. The event space becomes a canvas, because the lights can be customized and controlled for any style of event. There are millions of unique combinations to create with colors and animations. Twinkly has a great library in the Effects Gallery of the app. From elegant white shimmer to funky rainbow animations that crank up the energy, there are many effects options that will perfectly compliment a wedding reception.

COVID has made it difficult to make long-term plans for events like weddings because cases have risen and fallen over the years. Many couples are choosing to elope or to have a small, private wedding with a few attendees. The couple will then opt to throw a bigger, more inclusive wedding afterparty for their friends and family. A backyard bash or rented room can be transformed with a few Twinkly strings, curtains, icicles or festoons grouped in unison for an awesome effect. We recommend pre-building a playlist of effects with harmonious colors and animations and letting Twinkly play all night. It’s the easiest way to create exciting mood lighting for the entire event.

Twinkly RGB wedding lights for afterparty and receptions
Adding Christmas Lights to your Wedding Decoration Scheme

Whether you’re a professional wedding planner, business owner, or you plan on DIYing your wedding décor, Christmas lights will amplify your event decorations. Pro grade LED lights are designed to withstand weather and traffic while seriously cutting down on energy needs. Event lighting is one of the most important ways to bring the space alive with energy and romance. Whether you’re directing attention to the altar or igniting the reception area, wedding Christmas lights are the perfect touch for your nuptials. Reach out to us at [email protected] to discuss your wedding decoration ideas!