Some would say that there are two types of people in the world, crazy Christmas people and crazy Halloween people, so maybe this just makes us crazy people but we love both! A fully decked out holiday home is just as important as a super spooky one in our book. Plus, decorating your home for Halloween is a great way to get your Christmas lights out early. Here are some spooktacularly inspiring Halloween houses that really glow.

A Classic Halloween:

This stunning Halloween house features classic glowing orange garlands with hints of spiders and bats.

Orange light porch

Super Spooky Cemetary:

This graveyard themed porch uses orange string lights and purple icicle lights to create an ominous glow.

Super Spooky Cemetary Decor

A Grave Greeting:

This terrifying door greets guests with fanged grins and an orange-lit archway.

Spooky Walk Way

Monster Mash:

This almost glamorous Halloween house welcomes partygoers with a curving archway of lights and a green glowing porch. A few ghouls can be seen dancing upstairs.

Monster Mash House Decor

Simple and Elegant:

Purple string lights cover all the naturally growing vines along the front of this charming home. Glowing lanterns illuminate the rest of the porch.

Simple and Elegant Patio Decor

The Witches Brew:

This yard is full of spooky charm. A wicked witch makes her brew among gravestones against a backdrop of orange light-wrapped trees.

Spooky Home Lawn Decor


Trick or Treat:

Simple framed windows can brighten up your home for Halloween, as seen in this wickedly wonderful porch setting.

Trick or Treat Decor