Our patio string lights might be among the most underused and under-appreciated products we sell.

That's a shame because these lights are also among the most elegant and stylish of the many varieties of lights that we sell. And patio string lights are certainly not holiday-centric; they're quite appropriate to use for parties, gatherings, and outdoor décor at any time of the year.

We've noticed, though, that many customers aren't quite sure how best to use these unique lights. So we thought we'd spend a bit of time responding to some of the most common questions we hear about patio string lights.

Patio and Party string lights questions answered

1) How are these lights most commonly used?

Patio string lights are frequently used in outdoor settings, often installed temporarily for a party, wedding, or another special occasion. As the name implies, you'll often find them used in decorating patios for a festive occasion. And they're also great for decorating apartment balconies.

On a more continental scale, patio string lights are used extensively as a classic form of décor in outdoor cafes and restaurants around the world. Close your eyes and conjure up an image of a charming little open-air French bistro, for example. Examine that mental image closely, and you'll likely find patio string lights incorporated into the décor!

2) Can these lights be left outside year-round?

These light sets are not really designed to handle weather exposure on a long-term basis. So in most cases, it's best to put these lights up for an event or party, and then take them down afterward.

In certain outdoor settings where the lights are largely protected from the brunt of the weather (such as a covered patio), they can be left in place long-term.

3) Are these bulbs only available in white?

Glad you asked!

While warm white is the classic look for patio string lights, that's not the only look. Multi-colored sets are also available - and are perfectly suited for many festive occasions.

4) Am I limited in the number of these sets that I can string together?

Practically speaking, no. Up to 90 of these light sets can be connected in a single string, and the entire string plugged into a single power outlet or extension cord. So in most settings that will not be a limitation. (90 sets connected end-to-end would be nearly 1500 feet of length!)

5) What's the best way to hang these lights?

A variety of methods and materials can be used for installing patio string lights. The best approach, of course, will depend upon your setting. Refer to this article for a comprehensive guide on installing these lights.

6) Are these LED bulbs?

Absolutely. In spite of the classic retro look of the bulbs, all of our patio string lights are LEDs. So you get the classically elegant look of the bulb, but with all the benefits of modern LED technology.

7) What's the most popular non-holiday use of patio string lights?

In terms of special events, probably weddings. These lights are hugely popular right now as décor for both indoor and outdoor weddings. Check out this page for some ideas.

Any Other Questions?

If we haven't answered your question about patio string lights, just post your question below. As always, we'll be happy to respond to any questions or comments you might have.