When deciding the main use of a pergola, people tend to focus on furniture needs, such as dining tables, outdoor patio chairs, and couches, or barbecues and fire pits. And at times, lighting is not decided until the furniture is picked out, and must then fit in with the rest of the décor. Whether looking for something simple, elegant, or creatively unique, the following lighting ideas will help to finish off any design.

1. Canopy of Icicle Lights

Canopy of Icicle Lights Canopy of Icicle Lights

This gorgeous canopy is made using multiple strings of icicle lights hung close together above and wound around the pillars to light up the entire space.

2. Wrapped String Lights

Wrapped String Lights Wrapped String Lights

These lights wrapped around both overhead and support beams are bright enough to entertain by without ruining the evening ambiance.

3. Mason Jar Lights

Mason Jar Lights Mason Jar Lights

With a bit of creativity, these mason jars make pretty pendant lights, perfect for a rustic outdoor space.

4. Globe String Lights

Globe String Lights Globe String Lights

The unique look of globe lights strung overhead will fit into any vintage themed eating area.

5. Hanging Lanterns

Hanging Lanterns Hanging Lanterns

Alongside the strings of lights are different sizes of wire lanterns, all containing safe flame-less candles.

6. Hanging Drum Lights


Hanging Drum Lights Hanging Drum Lights

Though not meant for permanent outdoor use, these pretty burlap drum lights add a stylish look to any outdoor gathering.

Hanging Drum Lights_Chevron

These drum lights come in three shades, including black, green, and indigo, to suit any pergola color scheme.

7. Perimeter Lights

Perimeter Lights Perimeter Lights

These little spotlights around the outside of this pergola light the sitting area underneath, as well as the area around it, offering a much larger space to enjoy after the sun goes down.

8. Pergola Chandelier

Pergola Chandelier Pergola Chandelier

Add a bit of elegance to an outdoor dining area with beautiful and stylish hanging chandeliers.

Pergola Chandelier 2 Pergola Chandelier

This custom chandelier draped with greenery uses candles for a softer light, perfectly matched with the flames from the outdoor fireplace.

9.  Curtain Lights

Similar to icicle lights in look, curtain lights are long enough to cover a large opening, from beams above to railing below, surrounding the area in light.

Curtain Lighting Curtain Lighting

Instead of the smaller mini lights, these curtain strings use the larger globes, creating a more upscale feel to an outdoor gathering.

10. Coach Lights

Coach Lights Coach Lights

One coach light per support beam creates a bit of a vintage look to a more modern themed pergola.

11. Solar Outdoor Lamps

Solar Outdoor Lamp Solar Outdoor Lamp

This pretty solar table lamp eliminates the need for outdoor outlets and extension cords, and even saves a bit on the cost of electricity.

12. Holispheres

Holispheres Holispheres

Holispheres enhance the ambiance of any outdoor area. Select several different sizes to hang in your pergola.

13. Paper Lantern Lighting

Paper Lantern Lighting

Casual elegance can be created quite easily with an array of paper lanterns nestled among white and purple hanging flowers.

14. Pendant Lights

Pendant Lights

For a more modern look, hang a few simple pendant lights from the overhead beams, to light both cooking and eating areas beneath.

15. Drop Cafe Lights

Drop Cafe Lights Drop Cafe Lights

Clear café lights create a soothing atmosphere for those looking to enjoy a bit of relaxation after a stressful day.

16. Hanging Candles

Hanging Candles

A pergola lit by a few dozen candles set into clear glass vases hung from above will sparkle as brightly as the night sky.

17. Landscape Up Lighting


Landscape Up Lighting Landscape Up Lighting

A unique and creative way to light up a pergola is to keep the lights a bit away from it, and instead illuminate the trees and shrubbery around it, for a more subtle look that accents nature’s beauty. With so many types of lights to use, any style can be lit up perfectly, from modern to rustic, simple to elegant. String lights, chandeliers, even candles can create the finishing touches for your pergola, to dazzle your guests, or just to offer a soothing atmosphere in the backyard to enjoy after a long day.