If you live in an apartment with a balcony, then you have a special space. The balcony is your place to bathe in the sun, take in the moon, and generally relax outside. It’s also a space that you you can decorate to communicate your unique style.

A charming balcony is one that has the charm of gorgeous lights. But you might think that your apartment balcony is limited in how you can spruce it up. Fear not, for the magic of LED Christmas lights means that you have many options for giving your balcony the energy of new life.

christmas decorations for balcony

Let Your Decorations Do the Talking

Decorating your space is one of the most poignant ways to express yourself, and experiment in harnessing visible appeal. You get the enjoyment of a shining balcony, and onlookers can admire the sight of your beautiful arrangement. You might just inspire your neighbors or others to do some decorating for themselves too, helping make the world a brighter place—literally!

What better way to dive into balcony decorating ideas than through the illumination of LED Christmas lights? Whether you’re in an apartment, townhome, or house with a balcony, beautifying your balcony is the way to make it you!

Balcony Lighting Now—And Any Season

Most of these balcony decorating ideas are beyond the limits of any season—they’re suitable for your balcony year-round. And we’ve also included a few ideas you’ll want to put in the back pocket for your next Christmas decorating plan.

Iconic Lights that Bring Color to Any Balcony

A timeless type of light with a rich history dating back nearly 2,000 years, lantern lights are an attractive lighting option for the balcony. Perfect for creating a warm and festive atmosphere, lantern lights set the tone for any special occasion. These light sets are ideal for short-term installations and should be kept away from sun and weather elements.

lantern lights for apartment balcony decorating

A Fashionable Balcony Favorite

Round and traditional bulb lights like G30s, G40s, G50s and S14 bulbs respectively, have proven themselves as some of the best balcony decorating ideas for summer months. And their sheer versatility helps them fit in all sorts of arrangements for your apartment balcony.

String these lights around railing or balusters. Hang them above high on the walls or even from the ceiling using screw hooks. Zig-zag them back and forth between building wall and balcony wall. Or run them the width of your balcony by fastening both ends of the line to each opposite wall for lower hanging lights.

Multipurpose Marvels

Another versatile type of light set, icicle lights can play one more roles in your apartment balcony lighting arrangement, from their namesake to stars.

The classic install for icicle lights is always attractive. Simply hang them (or curtain lights) from either the top of your balcony area, or along the railing, and you’ve got a glimmering chains of radiance across your space.

icicle lights decorated on balcony

A captivating look for icicle lights is the star-like appearance they get when they’re in warm white and up high. Hang strings of icicle lights from the ceiling for the look of a positively starry sky.

Christmas On the Railings

This install doesn’t just scream Christmas—it sings its carols! You have a plethora of options for lights on this, from 5mm wide angle conicals to C9’s, in a wide range of colors for each. And you have two main ways to install: wrap around the railing, or zip tie for a taught and secure line. All of this equals a lot of flexibility for how you decorate your balcony with LED Christmas lights.

The Gift of Greenery

Garlands give any balcony a splash of nature, and can complete the look of your balcony if your deck is already a haven for greenery. Hang on the inside of the railing facing you, on the outside for all to see, or get the best of both worlds by wrapping around the railing. Another way to decorate with garland is to line the edges of your windows or doorway.

garland on balcony for the holidays

Enchant the Area

Want your balcony to set a magical mood? Fairy lights have the charm you’re looking for. Wrap or line these glowing wonders around the railing of your balcony, or cast light around your greenery by wrapping around your plants, planters, or other balcony décor.

Less is More with Low Profile

This low profile install puts your lights out of sight for anyone not on your apartment balcony—while still allowing you to admire them from the comfort of your space. Place the lights up top behind the upper framing wall of the balcony using hook screws, or hang the string on clear command strips that are fastened to the wall.

Bigger bulbs that cast more light, such as C9s or G40s, suit a high position in a low profile arrangement. And with the size of an apartment or townhome balcony, we recommend light line with 6” spacing.

lighting ideas for apartment balcony

Summertime Lights

Match the summertime vibes with summertime lights. Shapes of flamingoes, pineapples, and palm trees are a change of pace from typical lights, introducing a fun feel to your balcony where the mood is about easy living.

shaped lights flamingos pineapples palm tree tropical

Go Behind the Balcony

Balcony decorating ideas can go beyond the balcony itself! Hang lights in your windows or doors (or both) to spread the theme of your lighting arrangement across your space. Icicle lights or curtain lights offer that nice, familiar glow.

For a striking array of color that begs to be seen, try Twinkly curtains. Set the color to any mood or holiday. Throw your own personal lights show with some simple taps on the app. Enjoy endless possibilities for creating custom displays!

twinkly curtain lights

Top it Off with Bright Decor

Radiance on the Tabletop

A welcome addition to any table surrounded by the right Christmas lights arrangement, fairy light trees radiate a joyful shine that makes them a treat to be around. You could also select taller trees and stand them on the balcony floor as gleaming greenery.

Make Your Balcony a Decor Hangout Spot

Hanging decorations tie together a detailed display into an ambitious arrangement. Attach rope light Snowflakes to your balcony railing and let them hang below or with your string lights. Or hang LED spheres from the ceiling and feast your eyes on awesome lights that have the perfect amount of flair.

Bringing It All Together

The balcony decorating ideas we’ve explored here will beautify your outdoor space in the sky like you’ve never seen. And to make your lights really look their best, we recommend coordinating with care—because some lights go better together than with others. These lighting arrangements are sure to bring your glow together in harmony, while showing your discerning taste.

A Spellbinding Combo

Fairy lights play well with each other. Wrap a set around the railing, and then place a fairy light tree on a table to set the stage for spellbinding times on your balcony.

Any And Every Color

Prepare for a cornucopia of colors. Lantern lights from Christmas Designers are made with an assortment of colors. Twinkly curtains have a dynamic palette that can be customized to your liking. Mix these lights together and watch as the Twinkly lights shift to match the different colors of each lantern.

A Holly Jolly Holiday Display

This last combo will have you looking forward to next Christmas season (if you aren’t already). Wrap your railing in 5mm wide angle conical lights, and line the upper perimeter of your windows or doorframe with decorated garland. Throw in a few rope light snowflakes attached to the ceiling or railing, and finish this arrangement with Twinkly curtain lights draped along the inside of your windows. This is just one version of an ultimate Christmas lights display for your apartment balcony.

Check out this installation video where Jason uses LED spheres and falling snow tubes to decorate an apartment balcony for the holidays:

These balcony decorating ideas are sure to bring light to your balcony. If you found one or more ideas here that you need help with, or have your own ideas, we’re here for you. Send an email to info@christmasdesigners.com or dial 1-800-391-5280 with your questions on anything and everything decorative and Christmas lighting.