Commercial Light Trees: Elegant and Durable Christmas Grandeur

Our commercial light trees represent a study in contrasts: elegantly beautiful and yet cast-iron durable; add a touch of sophistication and excitement to any Christmas display, yet astoundingly simple to assemble and install. Commercial Outdoor Light Tree These light trees are very popular in commercial installations, but they're also great for residential homes. We offer our commercial light trees in three sizes:
  • Twelve Foot: Our 12-foot tree has a 5-foot diameter base, and comes with 288 C7 bulbs (incandescent or LED).
  • Fifteen Foot: Our 15-foot tree has a 6-foot diameter base, and comes with 360 C7 bulbs (incandescent or LED).
  • Twenty-One Foot: Our 21-foot tree has an 8-foot diameter base, and comes with 504 C7 bulbs (incandescent or LED).

Easy Set-Up and Installation

In spite of their size, our light trees are very easy to assemble and install, requiring only a few simple tools. To assemble the framework of the tree, you simply thread the two center pole pieces together, slide into the base, and then slip the center pole cap onto the top end of the center pole. Installing each light line involves simply clipping one end to the center pole cap and the other end to the base. Each light line is color-coded to show you where to clip it. Stand the tree upright, tighten the receiver on the base of the tree to make the light lines taut, and assembly is complete. For outdoor displays, we recommend that you anchor the tree against wind gusts. You can either attach anchored guy wires to the tree top, or use weights such as sandbags to anchor the base of the tree.

You'll Get Many Seasons of Service

If you've shopped for light trees at a big-box store, you know that 'flimsy' and 'cheap' are the proper adjectives for describing those trees. That's because they are manufactured with cost as the overriding concern. They simply aren't built for longevity. That's not the philosophy we employ in the construction of our light trees. Our trees are built to last. They're built to offer you a return on your investment over many, many seasons. We use these trees in our professional installations, and we typically get 8+ years of service out of each tree before it needs any significant maintenance. We achieve such impressive durability by using high-grade components such as: • Heavy-duty steel pipe for the framework • Aircraft-grade steel cable for the light lines (rated for thousands of pounds of tension) • Commercial-grade LED bulbs And unlike those trees sold in big-box stores, our trees are manufactured in the United States by American workers who know what they're doing and care about what they're doing. It makes a difference.

What a Christmas Display Should Be…

Whether you use them for indoor displays or outdoor displays, our light trees can elevate your Christmas display to another level. These trees are an attention-grabbing draw, the kind that will make passers-by pause and smile, and children shout with excitement and delight. Isn't that the kind of reaction your Christmas display should be getting?   Looking for more info on our Commercial Light Trees? Take a look at the installation video below: