Christmas time is fast approaching and with it comes the time to start decorating!  For those full of the holiday spirit, decorating is a fun and creative time, and for those who are not quite in the holiday spirit, this time of year can be full of stress and hair-pulling. Regardless of which category you fall into, these 17 ways to decorate inside with Christmas wreaths can make your decorating a little easier and a bit more creative!

Wreath Window Decorations

Christmas Wreaths indoors on windows Christmas Wreaths On Windows

Rather than hanging one massive wreath in the window, try for a more varied look. Make several smaller wreaths of different sizes and in different styles and hang them in the windows of your home. They create an interesting look and feel and are a Christmas decoration even the less than enthusiastic decorator can master!

Christmas Wreaths over kitchen sink Christmas Wreaths Over the Kitchen Sink

Wreath Chandeliers

Indoor Christmas Wreath Chandelier Christmas Wreath Kitchen Chandelier

Hanging a wreath is easy but hanging one up inside and turning it into a stunning chandelier is something new and amazing. Wrap it with ribbons and bows and hang your favorite ornaments for a one of a kind Christmas piece for your living room or dining room area. Light the way this holiday season and welcome friends and family into your home with style. Christmas Wreath Chandelier

Wreath Table Top Display

Tabletop wreath Tabletop Wreath by Homegoods

Centerpieces are a big part of Christmas decorating but they can present a challenge to many people, especially if they have limited space or supplies to work with. Turning an ordinary wreath into a stunning tabletop display is easy. Throw on some lights and a bowl of pine cones, berries, Christmas bulbs, or anything else seasonal and you have your centerpiece!

Wreath Christmas Clock

Christmas clock wreath Clock Wreath Printables

Most homes have a clock on the wall as a standard part of their home décor. This Christmas season, take the ordinary and make it extraordinary. Hang your wreath around the clock to create a festive and beautiful focal point that keeps the functionality of the clock intact while still putting your home in the Christmas spirit.

Wreath Mirrors

Christmas wreath mirror Most homes have mirrors and many times homeowners do not know what to do with them for the holidays. So they throw some lights or garland around them and leave it at that. Why not try something more?

Christmas wreath on a mirror Christmas Wreath Mirror by Living Artfully

Make a miniature wreath and hang it over the mirror. You can get some interesting looks and effects with the lighting and reflections if you play it just right.

Square Wreath Frame

Rectangle Wreath Rectangle Wreath

Pictures on the wall often hang there year after year and get little love and attention. Make those family photos part of your Christmas décor this year by making some wreath picture frames. Simple or complex, you can make them however you want and they are a fun and creative way to add Christmas charm without a lot of rearranging and remolding needed.

Wreath Wall Art

Wreath Wall Art Wreath Wall Art by Ana White If you are handy with a paintbrush, with wood, or some other art medium, then make some beautiful Christmas themed wall art for your home. Incorporating a Christmas wreath into your project can be a fun challenge and you can come up with some really unique and interesting looks that will keep family and friends talking all season long!

Monogrammed Christmas Wreaths


Want to make each member of the family feel special? Create a monogrammed Christmas wreath for their bedroom door.

Monogrammed Christmas wreath for him Monogrammed Wreath for Him

There are so many different kinds to choose from, so you can always find one to fit the personality of each of the kids in the family.

Wreath on Skis

Wreath and Skis Antique Skis with Christmas Wreath Decor

These antique skis are adorned with a red Christmas wreath for the perfect accent on a Christmas classic. Get creative on where you place wreaths around the house.  You might surprise yourself with how many ways you can find to decorate with wreaths.

Chair Wreaths

Chair wreaths Simple chair wreaths

What a cute and inexpensive way to decorate your dining room for Christmas!

Chair Christmas Wreaths Chair Christmas Wreaths

Chair wreaths can be dressed up or down depending on the style and formality of the dining room. Have fun with it!

Chalkboards and Christmas Wreaths

Chalkboard Wreath Chalkboard Wreath

A framed chalkboard is a unique backdrop for a Christmas wreath. You can keep the chalkboard clean or write your favorite Christmas blessings.

Chalkboard Wreath Chalkboard Wreath

Dining Room Hutch Wreath

Dining Room Hutch Wreath Dining Room Hutch Wreath

Your dining room hutch is the perfect place to display a gorgeous Christmas wreath. Depending on how formal your room is decorated, you can use a simple greenery wreath or a shiny ornament wreath to make the dining room Pop!

Christmas Ornament Wreath on Hutch Christmas Ornament Wreath on Hutch

Holiday Wreaths on the Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinet wreaths Kitchen cabinet Wreaths

The kitchen can be a difficult room to decorate for Christmas simply because you can't have items in your way when you're cooking. But this is a simple way to really bring the holidays into your kitchen without fire hazards, or decor items on the counter. Just attach a pretty ribbon to the wreath and hang on the cabinet door.

Stairway Accented with Wreaths

Stairway Wreaths Stairway Wreaths by Pottery Barn

The stairway is the perfect place to decorate your home for the holidays. Find small wreaths that will fit on the railing or just beneath in quantities of 3 or 5 - Odd numbers of similar items are more visually appealing.

Over Bedroom Headboards

Over Headboard Wreaths Through the Country Door

Making your bedroom festive is easy with a simple pre-lit wreath and garland hung over your bed. Find a festive comforter and pillows to complete the look!

Bookcase Christmas Wreaths

Bookcase Wreaths Bookcase Wreaths

Placing a few wreaths over your favorite bookcase or built-ins adds to the Christmas decor without being overpowering. Find the perfect ribbons to complement the space.

Bathtub Christmas Wreaths

Bathtub Christmas Wreaths Bathtub Christmas Wreaths

If you love to take a hot bath as much as I do, decorate around your bathtub with Christmas wreaths. Besides looking amazing, it smells fantastic while you're soaking. Now you can see that Christmas wreaths aren't just for front doors or outside decorations. You can use them throughout your home for a festive addition to your Christmas decor.