Fairy lights may arguably be the most versatile lighting style for decorating any time of the year. Their bendable wires allow them to be twisted and turned into any shape around anything and they have a perfect soft twinkling glow. However, their time to shine brightest is definitely during autumn! Fall brings back the romantic feeling of a crisp breeze and the sight of fallen leaves that demands mood lighting, and fairy lights bring it.

Additionally, fall is known to be a great time for do-it-yourself decorating because you can decorate in au naturel style with foliage, pumpkin, pinecones, cotton, hay, and more. The best way to make these simple harvest-inspired items really shine? Fairy lights! We are going to show you a few simple ways to update your fall décor with this lighting style.

Mason Jars (The King of Fall DIY Decorating) + Fairy Lights

DIY Photos From: thefrugalhomemaker.com, www.diybeautify.com, sparkandchemistry.com, and makinglemonadeblog.com

From plain to painted, mason jars are a perfect pair for fairy lights. At their simplest, the jars and lights are a quick and easy lighting display combination, but they can be far from simple with a bit of imagination. Pick your favorite fall colors, patterns, and themes and you can paint, decoupage, Mod Podge, and embellish your way to a unique jar and light display that's all your own.


Leaves + Fairy Lights

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Leaves...the OTHER king of fall decorating, are a beautiful fall accent all on their own! But the colors are accentuated by the ambient glow of fairy lights. A leafy glowing garland is easy to make yourself! Just grab your string of fairy lights, glue gun, and an existing garland, leaves and greenery from the craft store, or go outside and gram REAL fall leaves! Glue them down and light them up for a perfect fall foliage look.


Outdoors + Fairy Lights

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You absolutely can take your fairy lights outdoors this fall, we would even argue that you should. Maybe even, must? Perfect for patio canopies and cascades, these lightweight light strands are incredibly easy to hang. Then, layer them onto, well, pretty much anything. Those bendable wires have no-limits! Whatever needs lighting up this fall, can get a fantastic glow from our selection of LED fairy lights in a variety of luminous colors!