Every year is full of opportunities to bring joy during holidays that help us come together. And what better way to bring joy during these 2024 holidays than with decorations designed to delight?

In this checklist of the best holidays of 2024 for decorating, we’ll go through each major holiday that’s made even better with attractive ornamentation. Get the lowdown on the color motifs that define each holiday, then find familiar favorites for decorating and even new ways for you to mark the holidays.

Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air. Pink and red hues are synonymous with passion and affection, making them the perfect colors to cast across your indoor or outdoor space.

Set the mood by hanging pink icicle lights as entryway lights that welcome your special guest into a lovely Valentine’s Day date. Fairy light jars on the table are a magical alternative to candles for that special dinner with that special someone.

valentine's lights ideasCreate a heartfelt symbol of love in this DIY decorating idea that only requires a strand of string lights, zip ties, and wire. Shape the wire into a heart, wrap the lights around the wire, and use tip ties to secure the lights for pretty decor worthy of hanging on your dining room or bedroom wall.


A celebration of seasonal or spiritual rebirth, kick off spring in style with decorations in tones of blue, pink, and green. The great part about decorative lights for Easter is that you can put a different spin on them for your other 2024 holidays, such as Mother’s Day and Halloween.

If you have a pergola, then you have the perfect structure to wrap your string lights around. Dress up your hedges, shrubs, or bushes with some lights as well for a lively, lush garden. Want to know how to decorate your greenery the right way? Discover how in this expert YouTube video tutorial.

For a fun DIY decorating idea, you can’t go wrong with painting eggs for Easter. It’s a chance to share precious time with family and make memories that’ll last a lifetime. You’ll also enjoy seeing these tender reminders of family placed around areas such as the kitchen, dining room, or patio.

Mother’s Day

A day to honor mothers is a wonderful day to bring happiness through thoughtful decorating. Pinks, blues, yellows, and greens are nice options for Mother’s Day colors that evoke uplifting spring motifs.

A bouquet of flowers as a centerpiece is as beautiful as it is classic. Bring some color and light into this placement by wrapping the vase or jar that holds them in green fairy lights.

A DIY decorating idea that’s sure to brighten the room? Wrapping artificial flowers around string lights for shimmering, homemade flower garland. Hang these lights along the perimeter where the walls meet the ceiling in your dining room or living room and let some lengths hang in between for effect.

Memorial Day

There are no better colors for this American holiday of honor and remembrance than the patriotic color grouping of red, white, and blue.

Put the American color combo together as conveniently as possible with our varieties of red, white, & blue lights, including the ever-popular 5mm wide angle conicals, C6 lights, and M5 lights. You can also use these lights in more patriotic 2024 holidays, like Independence Day and Labor Day.

red white and blue lightsMemorial Day offers a variety of beautiful DIY decorating ideas—one style of which are decorated jars. Paint jars in red, white, or blue and light them up with candles or fairy light for glowing homemade lanterns.

Independence Day

How should you celebrate the summer’s most exciting holiday? With decorations that shine bright in the hues of red, white, and blue!

Consider arranging the patriotic trio of colors around your outdoor space with each color claiming a specific area: white stake lights, red tree wraps, blue rail wraps—mix and match in way that meets your 4th of July vision.

christmas lights red white and blue for fourth of julyIndependence Day is another great occasion to bring out decorations from your previous patriotic 2024 holidays, and recreate the look and energy of fireworks with twinkle starbursts around your foliage.

Labor Day

Ring in the fall season by giving summertime its last hurrah on Labor Day weekend. This holiday honors the legacy of the labor movement in the United States, so it’s a patriotic affair similar to your other American-themed 2024 holidays—and therefore an excuse to reuse any red, white, and blue lights and other decorations you have.

Consider a Labor Day party for a fun way to close out the summer. Traditional style standards say it’s the last day to wear white, so why not rock this holiday with lights to match? Fire up the grill and soak in the last of the summertime vibes under the glow of hanging white S14 lights.

You can bring out your patriotic jars from earlier 2024 holidays and place them around the porch or deck. And while you’re at it, try a charcuterie board to broaden the barbecue palette for a “tasteful” touch.


Aside from Christmas, Halloween is one of the most fun 2024 holidays. It’s full of all the thrills and chills that come with celebrating the spooky season. Orange, black, green, and purple are the colors for creating creepy, Halloween ambiences.

Halloween lights and decorYou have a lot of ways to decorate for Halloween, including these ideas that will help you bring the Halloween spirit. Try green icicle lights or purple icicle lights wrapped in fake cobwebs hung from the top of the porch or bottom of the deck for an eerie aura. Make spooky pathways around your yard with stake lights in orange faceted C9 lights or smooth C9 lights.

purple and orange halloween lightsHere’s a DIY decorating idea that will take your string or hanging lights further into the realm of Halloween: craft ghosts out of tissue paper or white bags and place these ghosts over each light to make floating, glowing friends.


Turkey day is signified by colors that make special reference to various aspects of the classic autumn ensemble, from harvest to fallen leaves. Orange, brown, red, and yellow represent the rich palette of autumnal colors.

Since this holiday is not long after Halloween, it provides a nice chance to reuse any red or orange lights from previous 2024 holidays. With orange C6 lights or orange M5 lights, consider creating an autumn glow around your fireplace or foyer.

The iconic decoration you can put together for Thanksgiving is the horn of plenty, or Thanksgiving cornucopia—a timeless symbol of Thanksgiving harvest and abundance. Leaf lanterns are fantastic among DIY decorating ideas for autumn, especially with fairy lights casting their magical glow through them.


The biggest and brightest of all the 2024 holidays promises many beloved symbols of celebration. Christmas offers by far the most ways to decorate, from roofline lighting to stake lighting and everything in between. You can also choose from many different colors to decorate with for the winter holiday season, including festive green and red, red and white, soft or cool white, or blue and white.

Christmas lights and decorationsWith the abundance of ways to decorate for Christmas, you’ll find a lot of value in our blog where we explore the lighting and decorating that will help you make your next Christmas arrangement into a masterpiece that brings joy to your family and neighborhood.

We have much more to share on decorating for the 2024 holidays and more. Join us on our journey through all things lighting and decorating!

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