Pole Mounted Christmas Decorations

Pole Mount Christmas Decorations

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Whether you are looking to light up the streets of a municipality or draw holiday customers into your shopping center; pole mount decorations are a great way to accomplish this. Pole decs have been a favorite of cities, towns and shopping centers for over 100 years. Shortly after the first telephone and electrical poles were placed beside busy roads, crude, homemade painted steel framed angels and Christmas trees were being strapped to these poles.

Christmas Designers pole mount decorations range from simple, traditional décor such as candy canes and Christmas trees to our more modern designs that combine the daytime aesthetics of glitter mesh along with the nighttime illumination of incandescent bulbs.

Our pole decs come in a wide range of price structures, from economical designs to high-end decs that use all the latest in visual appeal to really stand out and get noticed.

Advantages of Pole Decorations

Because of the affordability of pole decs, they are a great way to decorate larger areas where large single decorations would not be cost-effective. Great for city streets, shopping centers and private communities.

Simple installation – Each pole dec comes with a detachable pole bracket which can be left up all year. This makes installation a snap with only a few minutes needed to install each decoration.

Cost-effective storage – Due to the design of a pole decoration, they can be stored very close together allowing a large number of decs to fit into a small area.

Easy refurbishment of individual decs – As the decoration ages, all components of the pole mount decoration are available from Christmas Designers for replacement. This includes all electrical components, colored garland, glitter, and bulbs. This saves substantially over the alternative of having to buy new decorations at the end of their life cycle.

Looking for something completely different? Take a look at what’s available from our custom design department.