A commercial Christmas tree spreads holiday cheer like no other. It’s a massive symbol of Christmas that draws eyes and even cameras to observe its wonder. The decorations on a commercial tree have just as much power to spread the cheer as the tree itself. LED lights, large Christmas ornaments, and garland are among the decorations that help a commercial tree display all the merrier.

In some ways, decorating a commercial tree is similar to decorating one like you have at home. But commercial Christmas trees call for unique considerations as well, such sizing of large Christmas tree ornaments, choosing how to light the tree, and how to put decorations on it. We’ll detail the decorations that you can put on your commercial Christmas tree, and we’ll also explore what you need to consider when planning and decorating a commercial tree.

commercial Christmas treesLet’s get started!

Which Type to Create a Sight?

This is the canvas for your commercial holiday arrangement! The type of tree you choose makes a big difference in how you’ll decorate it. Let’s look at two major options for a commercial Christmas tree.

The Branch Tree

The most beautiful and organic looking tree in all of commercial trees thanks to its wealth of texture and volume. The branch tree is perfect for any commercial Christmas display, and very well suited to displays in which guest s find themselves near the tree. The inviting, natural look of the branch tree easily fills a room with the holiday spirit.

If you want a commercial branch tree that will stop visitors in their tracks, we suggest our Majestic Mountain Pine. Its beauty and design have earned it the rank of best selling commercial Christmas tree in the United States! Among benefits such as ease of install, careful design, and expert support, the Majestic Mountain Pine comes unlit or pre-lit with your choice of 5mm conical lights or C7 lights.

The Panel Tree

Panel trees are as the name implies: Christmas trees made from panels applied to a frame. Panel trees allow for decorations to be fixed permanently. While this is a convenient option when it comes to decorating for successive Christmases, panel trees lack the depth and dimension of branch trees, leading to a flat, artificial looking display.

The flat surface, however, makes the panel tree a nice choice as a canvas for RGB Christmas lights…

…But an even better choice is the Twinkly Pro RGBW Majestic Mountain Pine Tree. The finest in branch trees outfitted with the most innovative lights!

Choosing a commercial Christmas tree is a big decision. Check our full guide on types of artificial commercial Christmas trees. Then, discover how to pick the perfect commercial tree here.

A Commercial Christmas Tree Glow-Up

LED Christmas lights are the shining wonders that turn any Christmas tree into a true display. Highlight the magnificence of your tree’s features and the creativity of its decorating with any of these top choices in lights for commercial Christmas trees.

5mm Wide Angle Conicals

Our most popular lights—and it’s no surprise why: 5mm wide angle conicals are brilliant, emanating a glow reminiscent of classic incandescent Christmas lights. Their superior brightness and dependability make them an excellent choice for any tree. For a twist on this Christmas favorite, try the dynamic spectacle of RGB 5mm wide angle conical lights.

C7 LED lights

A bulb with a timeless look, C7 LED lights are the type of light that epitomizes the image of Christmas string lights. C7s boast rich colors and are highly versatile, making them look great on nearly any tree, in nearly any setting.

c7 lights on christmas treeTwinkly Pro RGB Christmas Lighting

Twinkly lights effects are meant to be displayed on large trees where the detail can really be seen and appreciated. RGB lights are so attractive that many of our customers forgo ornaments and other décor and opt for total RGB light trees. A tree free of ornaments and other décor allows for open viewing and mapping of effects, letting the lights take center stage and shine for all to see from any angle.

How Will You Light It? – Pre-lit Christmas Tree vs. Using Your Own Lights

We’ve mentioned that commercial Christmas trees such as the Majestic Mountain Pine can come pre-lit with lights already attached, and we’ve listed some lights that you could wrap around an unlit tree. But which way of brightening your business or organization’s holiday is best for you? Let’s go over the pros and cons of each approach to your commercial tree.

Going with a Pre-Lit Tree


  • One less decoration to put on and around the tree
  • When you choose a pre-lit tree like the Majestic Mountain Pine, you’ll get expert support from our customer success team who can help you solve any issue along the way
  • Guaranteed quality and close consistency of light color and luminescence as you “grow” your tree with stacking levels when buying from a reputable commercial supplier
  • Best for compatibility and performance of lights
    • Our Majestic Mountain Pine tree features a specially designed wiring harness
    • The design of the Majestic Mountain Pine has been updated to increase durability in outdoor weather, and resist tripping GFCIs


  • Some limits to the light style that’s attached

Purchasing Your Own Lights for an Unlit Christmas Tree


  • More flexibility in lighting types and colors
  • Great for interesting lighting effects
    • Create a dazzling array of effects with programmable RGB lights and software
    • Produce creative patterns and cheerful holiday messages with ropelight


  • Needs multiple strands to wrap around the tree from top-to-bottom
    • The taller the tree, the more strands needed
    • If you choose a stacking style commercial Christmas tree and “grow” your tree over time with new levels, you’ll need to buy more lights each time as well
  • It's not possible to offer customer support or troubleshooting when it isn't sold as a pre-lit tree. Our pre-lit trees include commercial grade lights and custom wiring harnesses that provide superior protection against outages, water damage, corrosion and GFCI tripping. With unlit trees, we don't know what's been done to the tree lighting, so our support team cannot determine certain issues when troubleshooting over the phone.

We recommend buying a pre-lit tree for all the pros mentioned above, as well as the savings in time and energy of one less decoration type to put on the tree. Our commercial Christmas trees also use the same quality LED Christmas lights that are found in our light strands, so you can be confident that your tree will shine bright like it should.

Decorations Sure to Delight

Decorations can make up so much of a tree’s look and theme. Onlookers enjoy commercial Christmas trees that hold the magical adornments that we’ll examine below, from large Christmas ornaments to gift boxes.


Ornaments look great on a commercial Christmas tree when their size is in proportion to the tree’s size. Ornaments for commercial trees are generally at 4” diameter and larger depending on the size of tree. For outdoor Christmas trees, we recommend large Christmas ornaments in 6”, 8”, or 10” sizings. The best choices for size all depend on size of your tree.

pre decorated ornaments on commercial christmas treeThe round Christmas tree ornament is a fantastic choice of decoration for your commercial Christmas tree, adding color, life and texture to your branches. These ornaments are able to instantly evoke meaningful memories and strong emotions in observers.

LED Hangable Lights

Commercial trees are suitable for certain decorations that would be too large for regularly sized Christmas trees. Consider one or more of these stunning additions:

  • LED spheres provide pops of light across areas of your commercial Christmas tree for a dazzling Christmas display
  • Starbursts offer bursts of brightness around a commercial tree; a single starburst also makes a remarkable commercial tree topper
  • LED snowflakes/ropelight snowflakes bring holiday elegance in all their geometric glory

ropelight snowflakes on commercial christmas treeGarland

As welcome as lights and ornaments, garland is fashionable no matter how it’s put on the tree—from spiraled around to up-or-down. Garland comes in a wide variety of textures and styles, so you’re apt to find one that fits in whatever theme you dream up.

Bows and Bead Drops

Christmas bows are beautiful additions to trees that create the lovely, classic pairing of green and red from the tree and bow respectively. Bead drops fashioned out of beaded garland are nice for mixing in some variety to a commercial tree’s presentation. Bows and bead drops add vertical accents to create interesting dashes of contrast.


Write holiday messages that will brighten your visitors’ day in the shine of ropelight. This is an underutilized way to decorate a commercial tree, so incorporate ropelight messages for a fresh spin on commercial tree decorating.

rope light on christmas treeGift Boxes

Gift boxes can be nestled into a commercial tree’s branches to inspire a sense of bountiful generosity that speaks to the spirit of the season. Or, they can be nestled under and around the tree to paint a portrait of a sensational Christmas.

Make Your Decorating Easier: Commercial Christmas Tree Ornament Packages

If you say “yes” to less work on buying ornaments, then we recommend our commercial Christmas tree ornament packages! These packages combine ornaments of two or more complementary colors for an attractive holiday theme. Every package brings out the best in each ornament, too, as each major style of finish is included—shiny, matte, and glittered. All ornaments come pre-wired for convenient attachment to your commercial Christmas tree right out of the box. Never worry about bumps or falls with these ornaments, either: all of our ornaments are shatterproof.

Crown your Tree with a Commercial Christmas Tree Topper

Your commercial Christmas tree work of art deserves a fantastic tree topper to tie everything together. Stay tuned for our upcoming article: all about Commercial tree toppers!

Putting it All Together

Hiring a professional Christmas installer makes this part of the process quite convenient as long the budget is right. Pros bring experience to the table, and they also have easy access to equipment like elevating work platforms, such as a boom lift, for a more precise install of your decorations.

Otherwise, a business or organization can handle install through some collaboration between team members, and use of proper equipment. Our Majestic Mountain Pine tree was designed to be installed by anyone, regardless of skill level. The pieces also compact well for storage. That said, we recommend the Majestic Mountain Pine tree to businesses and organizations that don’t hire pro installers.

Check out our complete tutorial for each step to building a Majestic Mountain Pine tree yourself.

The magic of Christmastime makes every place with a commercial Christmas tree more inviting. We’re here to help you design the next Christmas decorating masterpiece for your business or organization. Contact our email info@christmasdesigners.com or call us at 1-800-391-5280 for expert insight on any and every stage of your Christmas decorating.