Outdoor Christmas Decorations Christmas Designers provides expert services not only to consult about the type of decorations that are appropriate and desirable for a commercial, municipal or religious building or site, but also to provide customized or partially customized decoration products and services. When budget is a concern -- which is increasingly common in today's difficult financial climate -- Christmas Designers will help you make the most of your decorating budget while producing awe-inspiring outdoor decorative displays that you can be proud of throughout the Christmas season. From simple wreaths and garlands to the most elaborate outdoor display of lighting and decorative features, outdoor Christmas decorations from Christmas Designers never look like cookie cutter designs. In Central and South Florida, where we operate locally, we offer our personal services to design, install your seasonal display. We also offer rental program and lease/purchase options. Outdoor Commercial Christmas Decorations Wherever in the world that Christmas is celebrated, outdoor Christmas decorations are a welcome tradition that began to be popular in Europe in the 1800s and spread, with immigration, to the United States. While churches has been using nativity scenes for centuries, the tradition of commercial and municipal Christmas decoration has enjoyed a shorter, but a significant history. In 1923, President Calvin Coolidge was the first to present a National Christmas Tree to the American people. He began that time-honored tradition with an enormous tree that had 3,000 electric lights and was located on the Ellipse, just south of the White House. The first municipal Christmas decorations -- electric lights -- were strung in San Diego in 1904, followed by New York City in 1912. Throughout countries in North and South America, Europe and Australia, the decoration of outdoor spaces and edifices has certainly become widespread during the Christmas season. In fact, outdoor decoration has become so ubiquitous that an undecorated building or town center looks almost abandoned at Christmas. The reasons that outdoor decorating has become so common are many, but are largely based in the promotion of "Christmas spirit." Municipalities that decorate their streets with assorted luminaries, arches, skylines, banners, building decorations and their town centers with Christmas trees, attract business for their retail stores, restaurants and other commercial outlets and services, thereby creating a financial boon to the area. Many commercial outlets, organizations and businesses that decorate their buildings and property are seen as friendly and, more importantly, welcoming of transactions during a season when people are concentrating on so many pursuits. For churches, the celebration of Christmas is the largest religious observance in the Christian calendar. Naturally, the tasteful decoration of a church is an important way to attract worshipers for Christmas services, choral performances and other programs. Outdoor Holiday Decorations