Any time is a good time to plan out how you’ll decorate your commercial space for the next holiday season. And now’s the best time to find out about your options for the biggest Christmas decoration of them all—the Christmas tree.

A Big Tree is a Big Decision

A commercial Christmas tree is a major purchase that carries a price tag from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Your tree will inhabit a higher profile space where many people—possibly thousands—will see it. Trees come in varieties distinguished by different features. And your tree needs to fit your holiday program.

The pressure of choosing the right tree can feel overwhelming. But we’re here to make the process a lot easier for you. Discover the differences in types of commercial Christmas trees available, and then meet the #1 commercial Christmas tree on the market.

Your Choice of Trees

The market has a number of styles to pick from, yet they can be narrowed down to two primary design types: tower trees and panel trees. Find out which tree is best for your situation below.

Commercial Tower Trees


The structure for this tree is built from stacking rings that are typically spaced from each other in two foot increments. While some commercial tower trees come in three foot increments, they aren’t as strong as those with two foot increments.

This type of tree’s design provides more than just structure. Ring stacking is a feature that allows you to grow the tree over time. Add new levels of frames to create an even bigger tree that rises to meet your organization’s vision for spreading holiday cheer to members and guests alike.


A good quality commercial tower tree has varying lengths of foliage. This creates a natural appearance bursting with dimension, meaning less of a cone shape. The lights are layered at different depths thanks to the foliage layout, letting the lights shine in magnificent, glowing glory.

example of tower tree branches


Commercial tower trees are compact when in pieces, making off-season storage convenient. A high quality tree also has crush resistant needles that protect the tree’s finer details when disassembled and stored.

stacking ring frames for commercial christmas tree

Panel Trees

These trees, sometimes referred to as “pixel trees”, are also based on the stacking ring design, but with four foot increments instead. The design of the panel tree is composed of its namesake panels. Panels replace the realistic look of the branches in commercial tower trees, leading to a more artificial cone-shaped appearance. The lights are oriented towards the surface of the tree like "pixels," and not layered throughout the depths of the branches.

examples of commercial panel Christmas tree

Which Is Best?

In most cases, your best choice will be a tower tree. Its natural looking, layered branches give it pleasing depth and presence. A tower tree also offers better ornament options for decorating it into a merry marvel.

A panel tree is the better choice only when the budget is tight. Panel trees are cheaper than tower trees due to less steel needed for the frame, and the straightforward panel design rather than detailed branches. Other than its lower price, the panel tree has no advantages over the tower tree.

The Most Beloved Commercial Christmas Tree in America

The Majestic Mountain Pine tree is a holiday favorite that’s trusted by many businesses to bring the Christmas spirit wherever it stands. In fact, the Majestic Mountain Pine Christmas Tree is the best-selling commercial Christmas tree in the US. Its carefully designed blend of lush greenery and brilliant lighting leaves a lasting impression that inspires positive emotions towards your brand.

Majestic Mountain Pine tree and sleigh

The Majestic Mountain Pine tree has a concentric ring design in two foot spacing that ensures maximum rigidity for a stable and secure display—from 14 feet tall, all the way up to 50 feet! And the ability to add additional ring frames makes it a smart long-term investment for your Christmas attraction.

Majestic Mountain Pine trees have layered, lifelike foliage that instill a sense of natural beauty. The foliage is complete with tapered tips for smooth ends that are soft to the touch and resistive to unraveling. UV-inhibiting treatment protects the branches against sun damage so that the tree stays gorgeous outdoors. Members and guests will enjoy being around this attractive tree, and some might not be able to take their eyes off of it!

Add our latest generation commercial grade LED lighting technology for a truly memorable display. Pre-lit packages are available with Pro Christmas 5mm wide angle conical lights and C7 retrofit bulb varieties, with tightly-wrapped lights on every branch that illuminate the tree, starting from the inside. Our carefully curated selection of pro grade lighting comes from over 40 years of experience in providing premier Christmas lights to businesses, pro installers, and homeowners.

Set up the sparkle with ornaments how you like them. The Majestic Mountain Pine can be adorned with commercial quality shatterproof ornaments that are pre-wired through the ornament, not the cap, for enhanced durability. The Majestic Mountain Pine has layered branches that are ideal for impressive ornamentation. That's because when you layer ornaments throughout the depths of the tree, it makes the tree look fuller, livelier, and it amplifies the lighting. Like the branches, the ornaments are also UV-coated to keep ornaments vibrant and eye-catching.

This tree is easy-to-assemble. Only basic hand tools are required to build, with no previous experience necessary. Its lettering and color system streamlines the building process. And when it’s time to wrap up for the season, the innovative nesting design allows for space-saving, worry-free storage.

With your Majestic Mountain Pine tree, we’re there for you every step of the way. Enjoy lifetime technical and assembly phone support—a key benefit that’s rare in the pro Christmas industry. You’re also covered with generous warranties on the frame, branches, and lights so that you can be confident in your investment.

Tips on Buying the Best Tree

For the best tree and buying experience, the key is to purchase from a seller that supplies the professional Christmas industry. A company that provides pro grade trees that are built to last is most likely selling to a number of pro Christmas installers. You can investigate the company’s reputation by asking for referrals to top pro installers who buy trees from them. Then, contact these installers by asking for feedback on the trees they buy, and if they’re satisfied with the company that supplies the trees.

Be sure to keep an eye out for these features that will help your holiday investment last for years to come:

  • Crush-resistant needles
  • Thicker wires in branches
  • High quality electrical wiring harness
  • Commercial grade lights
  • UV-inhibited branch coating
  • Long-term customer support

Bring the Brilliance of a Commercial Christmas tree to Your Business or Organization

Making a purchase isn’t hard when you have the information you need. If you have any questions on finding and buying the right Christmas tree, then let’s work together. We’re your dedicated resource, and we’re ready to answer your questions or even help you form a plan. Contact us at or call 1-800-391-5280 and we’ll be happy to help clear anything up on commercial Christmas trees.