Your Christmas light display last year - was it all you had hoped for? When you stood back and surveyed your handiwork from the curbside, were you satisfied with it? Was it everything you'd expected it to be? Or did you experience a tiny tinge of disappointment? Perhaps you felt that your display was missing something, just some final touch of perfection that would nudge it from OK to spectacular.

Ground Stake Lighting

Mounting strings of lights along driveways, sidewalks, patios, and pathways, for example, adds a brilliant touch to any outdoor decorating project. But getting each of those lights to stay where you want, safe and secure, and not lying directly on the ground - that's one of the above-referenced headaches.

Unless you're using the right tools for the job…

Light Stakes to the Rescue

Light stakes make quick, easy, and precise work of installing ground-bound holiday lighting.

You use one stake per bulb, so each bulb is individually secured and held off the ground. That allows you to design and layout absolutely precise patterns of lights and assures that the pattern will remain in place until the time comes to take down your Christmas lighting. (Barring stampeding herds of reindeer or children tramping through your display, or an errant landing by Santa's sleigh!)

And our light stakes are designed to be completely unobtrusive. The bulb attaches to the top of the stake, so nothing impedes the view of the bulb from any direction.

Three Types of Stakes:

We offer three types of light stakes:

  • all-in-one-stakeAll-In-One Light Stake. These are the least expensive of our stakes and will work perfectly well for many applications. They're very easy to use: you simply bend the top tab (the clip portion) of the stake down 90 degrees until it locks into place, and then slide the base of the bulb onto the clip. If you're using stringer light sets (the kind where the bulb is not replaceable), this is the only style of the stake that will work. Be aware that if you live in a particularly cold climate, the All-In-One stakes might not be your best bet. The bendable top tab is prone to breaking in freezing temperatures. All-In-One stakes come in two lengths: 7.5" and 15", and will hold mini lights, C7 lights and C9 lights.
  • universal-stakeUniversal Light Stake. This is our most popular stake and for good reason. It's very durable and very easy to use. It's made of high-grade plastic, and there are no movable parts. So it will handle any temperature extreme, and last for a very long time. Unlike the All-In-One stake, the Universal stake holds the bulb in place by passing the cord through two side-mounted tabs, with the base of the bulb cradled securely upon the platform on top of the stake. The two tabs that secure the cord face in opposing directions, making an accidental dislodging of the bulb extremely unlikely. Universal stakes are 4.6" in length, and will hold C7 lights and C9 lights. Works only with lights on which the cord enters and exits the base of the socket (see photo).
  • metal-light-stakeUniversal Metal Light Stake. This is our most durable light stake. It's the most durable stake on the market, in fact, and is the best choice for commercial applications. Universal metal stakes use the same cord-securing tab design as the Universal plastic stakes, but with the added durability of the plastic head mounted on a solid metal stake. The metal stake will last indefinitely, and the plastic head can be replaced if needed. Universal stakes are 15" in length, and will hold C7 lights and C9 lights. Works only with lights on which the cord enters and exits the base of the socket.

From Simplicity Comes Perfection

Tools don't come much simpler than our light stakes. You attach a light bulb to one end of the stake and stick the other end into the ground.


And yet with that very simple tool, you can elevate your Christmas light display to the next level. You can transform a pretty-good display into a perfect display.

  • You can use light stakes to outline driveways and walkways.
  • You can use them against the canvas of your landscape to create yard art.
  • You can use them to outline a runway for Santa's sleigh.
  • You can use them to light a foot-trail through the winter wonderland of your holiday display.
  • You can use them to spell out holiday greetings to passersby.

You get the idea. Light stakes are commonly used to great effect for outlining walkways and driveways. But apply a bit of imagination and inspiration, and you'll come up with all kinds of ways to use these simple yet versatile tools.


Light stakes can also help to keep your display from being blanketed by Mother Nature. The stakes can elevate your lights above all but the deepest of snowfalls. And if leaves are falling faster than you can rake them away, light stakes will keep your Christmas lights shining above the deepening remnants of summer's dying gasp.

If You've Been Doing Without Light Stakes…

Then you've been doing the job the hard way! Using light stakes will make your life a bit easier, and eliminate one of those pesky problems that can diminish the delight of a mostly-fun job.

For the best results, plan for the spacing of about 12" to 15" inches between your ground lights. And if the ground happens to be frozen at installation time, planting the stakes will be easier and faster if you'll pour some hot water on the ground at each planned stake location.

So as you're making plans for tweaking your next display into an even bigger and better display than in seasons past, don't forget to include light stakes in your plan. Because for such simple and inexpensive tools, light stakes pack a powerful punch in nudging your Christmas display toward an impressive new level of elegance.