Installing a Male Slide on Plug

Male and female slide on plugs is often used by professional Christmas installers. Slide on plugs allows you to custom make your own extension cords as well as custom cut perimeter light line for cleaner and more professional results. Slide on plugs is available in Spt-1 and Spt-2. If the cord you are using is SPT-1, then you'll want to make sure the plugs are also SPT-1.

Follow the instructions below when installing a male plug. Female plugs are installed in the exact same manner.


Cut the Zip Cord

Step 1: Cut the zip cord. Do not strip the insulation from the wire.


prepare zip and plug

Step 2: Remove backslider from the plug


Step 3 - Slide on Zip Plug

Step 3: Insert the zip into the plug making sure the tip goes all the way down into the end channel. Be sure the ribbed side of the zip is on the right side so that the polarity is correct. (Ribbed zip goes to the larger plug blade) Bend the zip so that it makes contact with the two sharp points.



Slide Back Cover

Step 4: Slide back cover onto the plug.


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