Will this finally be the year that easy to use, truly pro-grade RGB Christmas lights are available? For those of us in the professional Christmas industry, this is something we’ve been waiting for for a long time now. Yes, there have been some great choices for high-grade RGB Christmas lights for many years now, but they have been expensive and difficult to set up and were only really suited for larger commercial lighting applications. But that has finally changed! And we’re extremely excited to see where the RGB Christmas lighting market is heading.

As a business, we’ve been involved with Christmas lighting and decorating for more than 40 years. And I can honestly say we’ve never been as excited for a new product as we are about Twinkly Pro RGB Christmas Lights. Our own installation division is actively planning a lot of installations this season using Twinkly technology and light sets.

Twinkly Pro RGB Christmas Lights

Twinkly is a European company that has done a fantastic job of developing an easy to use RGB product line. Rather than having to deal with difficult setups, complex animation programming, and lots of operational headaches, Twinkly Pro has streamlined RGB Christmas lights into a simple to use control interface that can be accessed via a smartphone or tablet. And while similar interfaces can be found on some low-grade RGB Christmas lights at big box retail stores, what makes this system so different is that it’s designed and manufactured specifically for professional and commercial Christmas applications.

In order to ensure that not only the technology behind Twinkly Pro RGB lights is up to pro-level standards, but also the light sets themselves are at the same high-quality level, Twinkly selected Minleon as the manufacture of the lights. Minleon has been the premiere LED bulb maker for more than a decade now and they have a strong reputation for quality in both bulb manufacturing as well as RGB light set manufacturing. We’ve used Minleon products for many years and have always been impressed with their high-quality manufacturing and attention to detail.

The combination of Twinkly Pro technology and Minleon quality light set manufacturing means that we finally have an easy to use RGB lighting system that is designed from the ground up for professional and commercial Christmas lighting applications. And at a price point that is about half of previous commercial-grade RGB Christmas lights, Twinkly Pro is set to take over the RGB lighting industry when it comes to Christmas lights.


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