April 2nd was declared World Autism Awareness Day in 2007 by the United Nations. A few years later, the Light It Up Blue initiative was born, promoting awareness and facilitating a more open conversation about what autism is, how it affects communities and individuals, and how we can support the cause for research, treatment, and cures. Wearing blue isn’t only about showing solidarity in the fight against autism. It’s not about posting on social media for attention. It’s about having open conversations with people who aren’t familiar with autism. This blog discusses how businesses and individuals can support the Light It Up Blue for Autism cause. World Autism Month lasts all April and lets companies show support and raise awareness about the ongoing battle against autism. The more awareness you generate by lighting it up blue for autism this April, the more you educate people about the challenges the autism community faces. Make sure your business lights it up for autism this April with some stunning and stoic blue LED Christmas lights. Your blue display can help move the needle in the fight against autism.

light it up blue for autism

What Is Autism?

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a developmental condition that causes social, communication, and behavioral obstacles. It is the fastest-growing developmental disability in the United States. It affects 1 in 88 children and a family with an autistic child incurs an average extra $60,000 per year in expenses. The lifetime per person costs associated with autism are $3.2 million. Nothing sets people with autism apart from the general population, which is why the Light It Up Blue for Autism initiative is critical. The only difference between people with ASD and the general population is how they communicate, interact, and behave. Additionally, autism affects learning, thinking, and problem-solving abilities. Some people with ASD need daily help while others need less.

Why Do We Light It Up Blue for Autism?

Lighting It Up Blue with Christmas Designers helps support the fight against autism in three primary ways: supporting blue (fundraising), spreading blue (inclusivity), and teaching blue (education). Let’s dive into these categories a little closer and look at the specific ways the Light It Up for Autism initiative helps the fight against autism.

Autism Is Widespread

There are over 70 million individuals worldwide that have autism. Light It Up Blue for Autism shows solidarity for every one of those individuals.

Encouraging Law Reform

The more awareness we generate from the Light It Up campaign, the more lawmakers take notice. Change starts at the local level and then emanates to the top. Local businesses standing in solidarity with the Light It Up Blue movement can showcase their buildings in elaborate LED blue light displays. Your visitors and customers will be intrigued to learn more, and thus, the word will spread on social media and capture the attention of local decision-makers.

Supporting Autism Research

Finding the cause of autism is an ongoing initiative. Light It Up Blue encourages people to donate to organizations devoted to autism awareness. Your blue light display is an excellent conversation starter with businesses and community members that want to take action. Local Autism activists that forge partnerships together can inspire Autism Walks, Community Events and other events that can help raise funds, donations, and awareness.

blue light displays for autism

Showing the Autism Community They Aren’t Alone

Many autistic people feel isolated. Loved ones and family members of people with autism feel like most people don’t understand autism and the challenges they face. Lighting It Up Blue shows that even if you’re not affected by autism directly, you are going out of your way to try and understand the unique aspects of the autism community.

Starting the Conversation

Educating people on autism starts with lowering the barriers and stigma associated with it. Autistic people are just people, and they should be treated as such. When you display your awareness by lighting it up blue, you signal that you’re open to helping the cause.

Light It Up Blue With Christmas Designers

The easiest way to show you care about the fight against autism is to donate funds at any time to help families cope with this dreadful disease. But there's something else you can do to help spread awareness: you can Light It Up Blue and show understanding and acceptance towards the cause. The Autism Speaks foundation encourages everyone to light up homes and businesses with blue lights in April to show support and raise awareness. Many of the world's most iconic buildings and landmarks will be decked out in brilliant blue lights, and you can do the same. Then you can take photos showing how you helped Light It Up Blue, and upload them to the Autism Speaks website.

Where There's Help, There's Hope

Autism is a condition that impacts millions of lives every year. But as long as people are willing to help, there's hope. The eloquent poem below by Annivar Salgado eloquently expresses it best. Light It Up Blue is a great opportunity for us to show that there's help and hope for all people impacted by this disease. Christmas Designers is here for all of your Light It Up Blue lighting needs. Our selection of commercial-grade outdoor Christmas lights is as versatile as they come. If you want to get elaborate with your Light It Up Blue display, consider the RGB or Twinkly Pro smart lights. If you already have LED or RGB Christmas lights, you can repurpose them to fit your Light It Up Blue display. Simply change their colors from warm white, green, or red, to blue. Contact us today to see how we can aid in your Light It Up Blue Christmas display.

Light It Up Blue

Light it up blue, it's so easy to do.

Doesn't take very long, shows how love can be strong.

For the kids who we know, need support as they grow.

And for families too, who are counting on you.

So come lend us a hand, throughout this wondrous' land.

We can all play a part when we give from the heart.

Take a moment today, for the 1 in 88.

Who each day of their lives, show such courage and pride.

And when this day is through, don't just take off the blue.

Keep this light glowing bright, and continue the fight.

For it won't end today when the blue lights all fade.

It's a journey for life, filled with joy and with strife.

But today you can show, with this small little glow

That we're never alone, in this land we call home.

It's a light within you when we Light It Up Blue.

By Annivar Salgado