Your live performance is coming up. You’ve got your material figured out. How about the presentation? Transform your performance with Twinkly’s game-changing stage lighting gear.

At Christmas Designers, we’re happy to be your stage lighting equipment supplier. And we’re excited to introduce the revolutionary Lightwall with Twinkly lights—a sleek, easy-to-install stage lighting solution designed to help live performers give stunning shows on stage, at venues, or any indoor space that’s prepared for performance.

Using the Lightwall by Twinkly


Mesmerize and Engage

The visual element of a show is just as impactful as the sound. Sights make a big impression on the audience. Lights are the perfect complement to performances, enveloping the audience in the color and glow of a truly immersive show experience.

Lightwall with Twinkly lights catches the eyes of any audience on-sight with a dazzling array of 16 million vibrant colors. A foundation for endless creativity, use Lightwall to engineer amazing effects and impressive patterns that will have your audience in awe. It’s the incredible stage lighting gear asset that will keep fans coming back for more.

Lightwall for music and concert backdropCoordinate the RGB LED lights with sound intuitively through Lightwall’s USB-powered audio sensor. Synchronize the lights to react as your music plays. Control your Lightwall with Twinkly lights on the Twinkly App. Drop the beat and let the show begin.

Each Lightwall panel is outfitted with 1120 RGB LED Twinkly lights installed into a panel made from premium black textile. No need to deal with light line. The LED lights are rated at a durable IP-67 and the textile backing rated at IP-44. Lightwall with Twinkly lights is ready for use in any indoor or covered outdoor area.

For Those On-The-Go

Lightwall with Twinkly lights makes setting the stage for captivating performances simple. Each panel is light and easy to set up, taking only minutes to install. A high quality stand is included to support the panel, but your audience will never know: the black textile backing completely covers the stand so that your presentation is as clean as possible. Lightwall offers the quality of professional lights in a sleek design that requires no experience to put together.

Grow Your Display

Expand Lightwall with Twinkly lights to meet your vision: connect multiple panels together for an enthralling stage backdrop. Sync each panel seamlessly under the control of just one device through the Twinkly App. Lightwall integrates with the Twinkly Entertainment Hub so that you can mix and match other stage lighting gear from Twinkly for the ultimate LED-powered stage show.

Lightwall by Twinkly for live performances


The Venue Look Anywhere

It’s the perfect backdrop for shows at home too—Lightwall with Twinkly lights is here to help you disrupt the music content creation game. Make the one or more panels your background for livestreams or pre-recorded performances that will have viewers stopping in their tracks. Play in front of a light show that recreates the feeling of a concert right from the comfort of home.

Lightwall instantly gives performances a professional feel no matter where they’re installed. Bars, restaurants, school theaters, and even pep rallies are all perfect places to wow a crowd.

Endless Creativity Meets Powerful Versatility

Lightwall’s effects are highly versatile, making it a prime choice in stage lighting gear for performers of many kinds:

  • Electronic music artists—let Lightwall with Twinkly lights help you turn up the intensity: have the lights swell during build ups, then let the lights pulse when the bass pumps.
  • Bands—Lightwall will make your music hit different. Cast the vibes across the venue with a cornucopia of colors that will have your fans feeling each song.
  • Solo artists and other performers—use Lightwall with Twinkly lights to make the most of each mood. Bring out the intensity of every high and low in radiant shimmer and glow.
  • Schools and drama clubs—Lightwall makes a cool, creative backdrop for stage performances. For pep rallies, recitals, dance performances and theater productions, schools and clubs can get a lot of value out of this large, customizable panel of lights.

Lightwall with Twinkly lights is the key to transforming your performances. Make Christmas Designers your new stage lighting equipment supplier—reimagine your stage lighting gear today.