Christmas is a magical time of year. Why shouldn’t you have a magic Christmas tree and magic Christmas decorations to go along with the festivities? Furthermore, why shouldn’t we be able to look at outdoor commercial Christmas trees that enchant and wow?

This blog discusses how you can make a magical outdoor Christmas display for your home or business. Most of these tips apply to both indoor and outdoor Christmas trees and decorations. However, decorating outdoor commercial Christmas trees and outdoor Christmas displays comes with unique challenges. We're here to help you get familiar with some important options and considerations when designing an enchanting display for the holidays.

magical outdoor christmas light displaysHow to Choose Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Whether you have a commercial Christmas tree or you’re just trying to decorate your front porch with Christmas lights, make sure you plan. The planning phase is the first step to Christmas decoration beauty.

You can be spontaneous down the road, but the foundational aspects of your commercial Christmas decorations should be well thought out and solidified. Ask yourself questions such as, “What is my budget?” “How do I hang Christmas lights?” And of course, “Are there specific outdoor Christmas lights that I need to choose?”

The planning stage of your residential or commercial outdoor Christmas display will allow you to make decisions down the road. You'll be able to narrow down your options by space, dimensions and material needs. Start by examining your exterior and gather outdoor Christmas decoration ideas. Do you want Blue and Green LED lights or animated RGB lights for your display?

The more questions you ask yourself in the initial stage, the more you will be able to improvise down the road.

Incandescent Lights or LED?

Choosing between incandescent and LED lights is one of the most critical questions you can ask yourself when planning your outdoor Christmas light display. The answer to that question is a function of whether or not you need your Christmas lights long-term.

There’s no question which type of light is higher-quality- LED Christmas lights are invariably the better performing, more durable style. Whether you need lights for your front yard or you have a commercial outdoor Christmas tree, LED lights will impress onlookers more than incandescent lights.

LEDs have more initial costs than incandescent lights, but that’s not to say they are more expensive overall. With their high durability and energy efficiency, LEDs wind up saving you money down the road because you don’t have to worry about replacement costs. If you want something more reliable and long-term, opt for LEDs.

How Do You Hang Outdoor Christmas Lights?

To make a magic Christmas tree, you need to know how to hang your outdoor Christmas tree lights.

  1.  Test your lights to ensure all of your light strings function correctly. There’s nothing magical about an outdoor Christmas tree that doesn’t light up.
  2. Hang your icicle lights on your shutters or shingles using all-purpose light clips. These light clips work with all types of lights, but you should make sure you clip all your lights in the same direction.
  3. If you’re hanging string lights or rope lights on a commercial tree or the exterior of your home, it’s time to hang them. If you don’t want to get on a ladder, or you want to make life easier on your employees, consider using a hanging pole.
  4. Set a timer. Your neighbors don’t want to stare at your outdoor Christmas lights at 3 am and it’s unprofessional for you to leave your commercial outdoor Christmas tree on all night.
  5. Flip the switch. It’s time to bask in all of the magic Christmas lights provide.

outdoor christmas display and treesHow to Choose a Commercial Tree

As a business owner, the more cheer you can bring with holiday decor, the better. The community will thank you and it’s an easy way to generate foot traffic at the end of the year. Consider using white LEDs to create a neutral ambiance.

Using a Real or Artificial Christmas Tree

Real trees require more maintenance and you don’t get as much use out of them. They can pose allergy problems for your customers and they are more of a fire hazard than artificial trees. Artificial trees are the more cost-efficient, safe bet.

Using a Pre-Lit or Unlit Christmas Tree

Having a pre-lit tree is easier than an unlit Christmas tree. However, with a pre-lit Christmas tree, you lose the ability to control your light display. If you want a more integrative experience for your customers, you should opt for the unlit Christmas tree.

Decorated or Undecorated Christmas Tree

Choosing between a decorated and undecorated Christmas tree poses the same question as choosing between a pre-lit and unlit commercial Christmas tree.

Commercial Christmas Trees Pay Dividends for Decades

There's no getting around it - commercial Christmas trees aren't cheap. Or at least, quality trees that are worthy of the investment aren't cheap. But in return for your investment, you get a tree that serves as the crown jewel of your company's Christmas display for decades to come.

As the video below shows, our trees are handcrafted by American workers and built to last. Quite simply, no other company can match the consistent quality that we offer with our commercial Christmas trees. That means that each of our trees will give reliable service as a delightful draw for many, many years.

Ready to Create Your Magical Outdoor Christmas Display?

Whether you want to hang a wreath on your front door or you’re planning to have a massive outdoor commercial display, understanding how to design your outdoor Christmas decorations goes a long way.

At Christmas Designers, we understand the magic of outdoor Christmas decorations and Christmas trees. We remember what it feels like to be a kid, watching in awe as the neighborhood came to life. Whether you own a business or a home, the holidays are a special time of year and we’re here for all of your holiday decor needs. Contact us today to find out more about making your Christmas magical.