A statement lighting fixture can really step up the style of a room, but it's hard to come by a light that's both bold and inexpensive. When it comes to making a decision to splurge or save on statement lighting, you should always consider a high-end do-it-yourself option. Using everyday items such as string lights in innovative ways can produce results that look as good as a pricey purchase with a little hard work. In this case, making a statement sparkling orb light isn't even hard work! We have a few suggestions on how to DIY your way to the perfect lighting solution. You will need some basic supplies and tools to get started: Flexible Clear Plastic Cups (solo cups) A Stapler + Staples A String of Lights. We recommend our Pure White M5 Mini LED lights or our Warm White M5 Mini LED lights. With 70 lights, they provide the perfect amount of sparkle for this project. Watch the two videos below and you'll be ready to create your own modern lighting look!

Easy right? Here is another tutorial, which uses even MORE string lights. The more lights on your strand, the brighter your orb light will shine. These white mini lights include 100 bulbs, but we recommend using LED Christmas lights instead of incandescent lights.

Want a more traditional chandelier style light? Create a string light-wrapped chandelier. You can update nearly any existing chandelier with a fresh string of lights! Wrap a vintage or new chandelier with string lights to make a lighting fixture for indoor use or to update your garden and patio light look! Remember, you won't want to hang your new chandelier from your light string, so always wrap the lights up the existing weight-bearing hook or chain where it can meet an extension cord and plug into a nearby outlet. String light Chandelier Credit: PopSugar[/caption]