You’ll hear it more than once from us here at Christmas Designers: At the holidays, you’re not just in the business of selling, you’re in the business of helping people celebrate.

People are in more than just a shopping mood at Christmas. They’re in the mood to find the perfect gift for someone they care about. They’re in the mood to make Christmas wonderful for their families. They’re in the mood to feel things they don’t get to feel at any other time of year.

Shopping Center Commercial Christmas Decorations

That makes your shopping center’s attitude toward the season important; it makes shopping center Christmas decorations matter. A festive atmosphere shows customers that you’re getting into the spirit by creating an atmosphere that matches their gift-giving state of mind and heart.

Be a must-visit Christmas destination.

Christmas is a phenomenal opportunity to promote the overall identity of your shopping center. Certainly, it’s always a collection of places to find products and services. But at Christmas, you can turn it into a themed experience that makes every business in your center a potential opportunity for customers to make somebody’s Christmas. Of course, that takes planning. Just contact us at Christmas Designers and we’ll be glad to help you tell the kind of Christmas story you want your shopping center Christmas decorations to tell.

Festive is contagious…even viral!

Take a walk around your shopping center and count the number of people—especially younger people—who don’t have a smartphone in hand. Odds are the number won’t be very high. Whether they’re looking for selfie opportunities, or snapping pics of gift ideas they want someone’s opinion on, your shopping center could find itself on social media at any second during the day. A few selfie-worthy locations and some signs suggesting a Christmas-specific hashtag for any and all posts people make while on the premises can go a long way.

Brighten the day for employees.

You know what it’s like to step into a festive place; it affects your overall mood, even if you’re going someplace you’re not thrilled about going. You know what we mean. Sure, you may not have been thrilled about going to your spouse’s office party, but man, the way they had the place decorated sure was fun.

The same can be true for the people who get up for work every day with your shopping mall as their destination. Whether it’s your employee giving a customer directions or a store associate helping someone with a gift decision, being surrounded by an atmosphere of the celebration can create a sense of energy and positivity that can mean only good things for each and every customer interaction.

Do “brand-bound” tenants a favor.

It’s not just customers and your bigger-box retailers who can benefit from your shopping center commercial Christmas decorations. Some individual businesses in your center may not lend themselves well to Christmas decorations, given chain branding. By making the path people take to those businesses festive and celebratory, you’re giving brand-bound tenants a chance to be part of your Christmas landscape. Being strategic about the placement of decorations near such places is a smart way to go.

Don’t forget the outside.

It’s no secret that it’s getting harder and harder to get the attention of shoppers in this world. That said, you should make sure that the “cover of your Christmas celebration story” is inviting. If people tend to pass your shopping mall while zipping along on a highway, give your parking lot and store exteriors some glow that calls out to them. If you’re in an area that gets more traffic from surface roads, transform your entrances from glorified driveways into pathways that invite shoppers to come in and enjoy a unique experience of holiday spirit.

What’s the takeaway? Just what we said above: Shopping center commercial Christmas decorations matter. They offer you a unique opportunity to share a special time with our customers and support them as they look for gifts to help them achieve important personal relationship goals.